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Wenger: I’m still the right man for the job


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit back at the fans for calling him technically inept following the Gunners poor start to the season.

The North London club have endured their worst start to a League season in 32 years and some section of fans held a banner during the game against West Brom asking Wenger to leave the club.

The French manager has now hit back at his critics by emphasising his commitment to the club and has also insisted that he is still the right man for the job.

According to the Mirror, he said:

I can do my job. I do my job with total commitment, I would like people to live with me and see for seven days what kind of work we produce, and you will see that it is total commitment.
I do what I love, but I think I do it with honesty and total commitment.
I started to manage a team at the top level in 1983. If I am completely useless tactically, I am a genius [because] I can hide it very well.
Look, in [each of] the last 15 years, we are qualified for the last 16 in the Champions League. Give me another club who has done that. I think we have shown extreme consistency and that’s all we can do.
We’ve had ups and downs in the league – yes, it’s true, but you only come back again when the spirit is strong and healthy and united inside the club. And I think if you have shown such a consistency, it’s because we have that at the club. We have values and we respect them.

The only trophy we’ve won in the past few year’s was the FA Cup last year and it’s getting harder by the day to defend Wenger. The lack of spending was seen as the reason for their poor performances in this lean patch, but with the big name signings of Ozil and Sanchez there isn’t any scope for excuses anymore.

His ideals have been the primary reason for the Gunners success all these years, but his decisions are now starting to cost the team. He is being blamed for everything that’s currently happening at the club which is a bit unfair considering the injuries we had and poor performances from some of the players. His decision making hasn’t been great and he definitely has to take some part of the blame, but it remains to be seen how he responds to this situations.

Despite the Gunners poor start to the season. the race for the top four is still wide open with only Chelsea looking likely to be one of those. Wenger has to realise that inspite of the poor performances so far he can still finish the season on a high, but he needs to act as soon as possible. He needs to strengthen defensively and has to change the tactics depending on the team he plays.

Is Wenger still the right man for the job?


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