Proof that Sanchez has the winning mentality, but not the whole Arsenal squad


The headlines recently as regards to Arsenal, have ranged from match reactions to transfers but one news that has captivated me is the piece on Alexis Sanchez’s after match reaction.

Apparently, whilst celebrations by Giroud was going on after scoring the equalizer, Sanchez stood in bewilderment of a profound lack of winning mentality on display.

He had expected the ball to be raced back to the center of the field to ensure a quick restart which could probably lead to a winning goal as there was still 4mins of extra time to try.

This would have been more likely considering Bournemouth had lost a defender (Francis) to a red card for his challenge on Ramsey.

I must agree with Sanchez’ stand on the topic as I was also guilty of the same crime and in retrospect, considering maximum points was what we wanted, celebrations should have been put on hold till the final whistle or after a fourth goal maybe.

However, to see a player of his (Sanchez) quality that passionate about bringing success to Arsenal can only leave me with blushes.

Having gotten used to half decent, decent and quality players pounce around like celebrities irrespective of the match outcome, Alexis Sanchez simply proves he belongs in the T. Henry, P.Viera bracket who understand all too well the needs of the fans and are willing to give us consistently.

When they or the team fall short, their reactions are bare, untamed and genuine. Henry once lost his cool with Lauren on the pitch just because he switched off at a crucial moment.

Several times during the cause of the Bournemouth game, Sanchez lost his as well as a result of bad decisions by teammates and once mouthed off at Ramsey after the latter wasted a good opportunity.

This quality(passion) is the bedrock of an exceptional career. All achievers are driven by the passion for succeeding. When this passion is visible in a sport like a football from a player, fans are naturally drawn to support such a player even in difficult spells.

Contrary to popular opinions so far as regards his outbursts, I firmly believe that it is rather born out of a desire to succeed with Arsenal rather than frustration with an exit label on it.

Sanchez stated less than 2 months ago his desire to win the Premier league title with Arsenal as well as the Champions league. He said:

“We’re playing with a mentality that we want to win everything and become champions”.

This is definitely not the mentality that was represented by the team against Bournemouth. Coming back from 3 goals down is a great feat but being 3 goals against them in the first place is the cause for concern.

Running around in celebration for 30 seconds that could have been used to chase after a winner is not a winner’s mentality on display.

I salute this gesture and encourage all to buy into it. Arsenal have signed Hednesford youngster Cohen Bramall. Arsene Wenger confirmed this yesterday and further compared the young man to Ashley Cole. He plays the left-back position.

Welbeck is set to return to action although he’s unlikely to start. I feel a sense of revival in our attack with his return to the fold.  A front line of Sanchez, Welbeck and Perez will tickle my fancy in a 4-3-3 formation. As unlikely as that may seem under Wenger, I can’t help but dream all the same.


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