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Arsenal vs Tottenham: Wenger’s side should find the perfect balance


With Arsenal’s hand forced to play an attacking style almost every game, the usual counter attack issues are always present. Therefore in the upcoming game against Tottenham at the Gunners will be ready to negotiate the same tactic.

If Tottenham utilise their 4-2-3-1 or diamond formations, Wenger’s fullbacks will be covering tremendous territory to nullify the hard running Son and Erikson.

On the break, Mustafi will be aware of the Spurs diving tactics and may have to adjust his usually brazen slides.

This fixture will probably be decided in the first quarter, with relentless attack up against a high press. Ball movement into the corridor for Ozil is Arsenal’s best chance to force an open game. With Xhaka, Ramsey or Wilshere a high pass percentage is required.

Mkhitaryan has shown what Arsenal lacked for many years, effective crosses on the right side of the pitch that make defenders legs buckle. Aubameyang is confident and precise, while Iwobi brings a unique set of angles.

With Spurs on the ball Erikson and Son will stretch our defensive flanks, however, Mkhi and Iwobi have been tracking back well and should be able to contain steady build-ups.

Preventing the inboard pass will be the key to Xhaka’s defensive position and Ozil could slot into a 4-5-1 during predictable defensive phases in order to press Dembele.

If the score is close in the second half, Arsenal’s fitness and concentration will be crucial as Tottenham are likely to introduce Lamela and overload the attack.

Arsenal will be in trouble if they are chasing the game with all the prized attacking options likely starting, though Lacazette maybe called upon for some late derby heroics.

This match could be a back and forth classic, or sealed early. Goals are inevitable.

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