Henry: I would say ‘yes’ if Arsenal job is offered


The pressure is mounting of Arsene Wenger after their suicidal performance against Monaco in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, but the fans have some mouth watering news after Arsenal legend Theirry Henry admitted that he would accept the Gunners job, if offered by the management.

The Frenchman retired from the game last year and joined Sky Sports on their pundit panel. He has also started his coaching badges and has also taken up a role at the the illustrious Hale End academy.

The former striker once again reiterated that managing Arsenal his dream job, but said that he has a lot to learn before that could happen. He said:

I don’t know what Arsene wants to do and how long he wants to stay. But I just want to be equipped…to be in the position, maybe one day to be a manager.
Being the manager of Arsenal FC would be a dream. I need to learn first. That is the most important thing.

When further questioned on how he would respond if the Gunners management offered the job, he didn’t hide his intentions. He added:

I could not say ‘no’ to Arsenal. So I would say ‘yes’. It should be great.

He further discussed on the transition from a player to coach and also some changes he had to make to the training.

When I was playing I was a pain the neck as I was demanding of myself and of others.
When you are coaching you can’t scream and shout. You don’t want to scare your players.
I came in the game to perform and to try find out how far could I go. We all have our limits. I do miss the day of a big game though and the feeling you have in your body when you know you have to play a big game.

It’s not the first instance where Henry sounded off his interest in the Arsenal job and this time he has more or less confirmed that his main aim is to become an Arsenal coach. However that won’t be as easy, as he has just started with the youngsters and to be a coach of a top level team you need plenty of experience.

I would love to see Henry replace Wenger as the Arsenal boss in the future but at the moment it’s just too premature at the moment. We are currently struggling to consistently perform at the top level and part of the blame goes to Wenger, not because he has lost the magic touch, but just because he is reluctant to let go his attitude of keeping the players who aren’t just good enough and trying to pull through some titles with them.

I was a Wenger faithful and still am, but the time has come for the boss to let go some of his attitude for the greater benefit of the club and the summer is the right time to start with.

Should Henry take over from Wenger?

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