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“Exceptionally bad, needs to be sold”, Many Arsenal fans unhappy with star’s display


When your team wins a game 5-1 and scores many beautiful goals, one would assume that there would be nothing to complain about.

But that was not the case with a section of fans who were really unhappy with the performance of Hector Bellerin. They took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction and had some choice words for the Spaniard.

Going by the reaction of some these fans, it would appear that they are really unhappy with the performance of the Arsenal right back. And to be honest, this reaction is not something that is new as it has been happening for quite some time.

Here are some of the reactions:


It appears that the defending part is what is causing people to react in such a way. There is not much to be said against the attacking input in the game of Bellerin. He is always willing to provide an outlet on the right for the Gunners.

A reason for the defensive problems that the Spaniard is facing could be the fact that he very rarely has enough cover for him on the right side. Very often, he is on his own and that allows the opposition team to double team him.

It has to be remembered that Bellerin is still very young, despite how long he has been the first choice for Arsenal. So, it would be better if the fans are a little bit more patient with his displays.

But, it is not fair to the fans to always be patient even when there are mistakes being made. So, if Bellerin really wants to change the tide of the opinions around him, he will have to tighten up his defensive game. When that happens, he will surely find that the fans are warming up to him. For now, it is better to focus on protecting the right side of the Gunners defense.

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