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BBC Sport Journalist responds to Arsenal’s significant start to the season

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It is safe to say that the start that has been made by the Gunners is better than what many predicted when Unai Emery came in.

After one of the toughest starts any team could be handed, Arsenal have bounced back in superb fashion by going on an unbeaten streak that has touched 14 matches.

Those outside the club have also taken notice of this with popular pundit Gary Lineker taking to Twitter to give his take on Unai Emery and his men.

This is what the former England striker had to say about the team’s performances so far:

“Have to say, Arsenal’s progress under Emery is significant.

Well, I didn’t have to, but sod it.”

A reaction like this is one that many people have had regarding the way in which the Gunners have been playing so far. They have shown spirit and passion in every game and shown that they will not give up.

It must be said that this was a little bit missing in the final days of the reign of Arsene Wenger as there were many times when the team looked like it just gave up.

That change in mindset has been a key feature of the success that the Gunners have enjoyed so far in the season. This was quite evident in the match against Liverpool as well.

When Arsene Wenger left after more than two decades at the club, there was a sense of fear mixed with optimism at the club. Fear due to the fact that rebuilding after such a legendary reign was going to be difficult. Optimism due to the fact that a new voice was coming to the club and that things were going to be different.

Arsenal have established a blueprint for how they should play for the rest of the season. It is up to the players now to make sure that they keep in mind what made them tick. And if the Gunners continue this way, there is a real chance of getting silverware.

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