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Arsenal should give up on a top four finish, claims Ian Wright

Unai Emery

When it comes to the fortunes of the Gunners, all of us like to offer an opinion. One of the more valued opinions is the one that former players have to offer.

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright who at one time was the leading goal scorer in the club’s history had some thoughts on how the club should approach the rest of the season.

Speaking to BBC Radio(via Mirror), this is what the Arsenal legend had to say:

“Going back to the unbeaten run, I think that gave people false hope in respect to finishing fourth.

“But the fact is that that kind of elevated everybody’s expectations a bit and I still feel top four is still out of our reach if I’m going to be totally honest.

“I think that Europa League is what Arsenal should be focusing on. The manager’s got a bit of pedigree in it and I think we can get some guys back [from injury] and have a blast for that.”

The striker’s reasoning was that the club would have a tough time finishing in the top four so it would be better to focus on the Europa League. If the Gunners win the competition, they will qualify for the Champions League and that is the main target for the season.

After replacing Arsene Wenger as the manager of the club, it was always going to be difficult to be a challenging task for Unai Emery to handle. But if he is somehow able to get the team back to the elite of Europe, it will be considered as being a successful season.

For this to be accomplished, it is necessary to focus more on the Europa League. Yes, it is a knockout competition and one bad game could mean that you are out of it but it is a risk that has to be taken.

The problem within the squad is that there are a few injuries happening right now and that is hampering what the Gunners are trying to achieve.

Fans will be hoping that the club will be able to finish the season on a strong note and winning the Europa League will be a step in the right direction for everyone involved.

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