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Arsenal ranked as the dirtiest team in the Premier League this season


At the moment, there does not seem to be too much wrong with Arsenal. The team is on a nine-match winning streak and the players seem to have really settled into this new system.

That is good news for the fans but, there is one aspect that will worry them and that is the number of fouls that are being committed by the club.

The Gunners are leading the Premier League in this aspect and that may cause problems in the future.

With eight games being played so far, the number of fouls that the Gunners have committed is said to be in three digits. And as a result of this, they are just above Everton who are the closest challengers regarding the fouls.

The player that has contributed the most to this will not surprise many as he is someone who is known to make fouls. That would be none other than Granit Xhaka who is leading the Arsenal team with 14 fouls.

This is in sharp contrast to teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City who have not conceded many fouls but still do play a very aggressive pressing game. Taking a look at this statistic suggests that, the Gunners are still adjusting to the new playing system under Unai Emery.

Playing this way can lead to a situation where certain fouls may be given based purely on the reputation that the Gunners have built up this season. Being in a situation like this can be very detrimental to the team as they may lose points in important matches.

It is up to the manager to find ways to curb this side of the team and make sure that the Gunners are a little bit more careful. As we have seen with Liverpool, it is possible to press without making too many fouls.

This is something that will come with time so the Arsenal players and fans just have to be patient at the moment and they are sure to reap the rewards later.

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