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Arsenal legend makes fun of Manchester United star Alexis Sanchez


The contract situation of Alexis Sanchez was one of the biggest problems that Arsenal had to face in a tumultuous last season under Arsene Wenger.

That eventually led to the Chilean swapping London for Manchester with Henrikh Mkhitaryan coming down south. Not everything has gone to plan for Sanchez as he has found it difficult to make a mark at Manchester United after completing his move earlier this year.

This has led to many people criticizing him and another one has been added to that list with Martin Keown making a humorous statement about the player.

It is no secret that Alexis has been a shadow of the player that he was during his time with the Gunners. So much so that it has been suggested that there is already a rift in the relationship between him and Mourinho.

As for the statement itself, this is what Keown had to say(as quoted by Football.London):

“It’s almost like they’ve signed the brother of the player at Arsenal.”

While it may sound a touch harsh, it is sadly the truth as far as Alexis is concerned. His performances have nowhere been near the level to which he can perform as we have seen in the past.

The problem with players such as Alexis is that because they have performed at such a high level, that is the standard that people expect from them. And when they play below that level for quite some time, people tend to lose their patience.

It is a little hard to pinpoint the exact reasons why this has happened. Is it a case of the manager not being conducive to the way Alexis plays or are there other factors at play? Though this is hard to figure out and with Mourinho burning bridges left and right, the situation may become worse.

We know how good a player Alexis can be, so it is up to him alone to prove the doubters wrong. If he can string together some decent performances coupled with some goals, he will go a long way in making people change their opinion.


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