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Arsenal fans thrash Piers Morgan on Twitter after Wenger ‘failure’ jibe


Self-Proclaimed Arsenal fan Piers Morgan has once again come in for huge criticism from the Gunners fans after claiming that the Wenger faithful have accustomed to accept failure.

Morgan is a journalist who made his name as the Editor of the Daily Mirror, is known for his criticism against Wenger and has even called for Arsene’s sacking on multiple occasions.

If you still don’t know who this man is? Here are some of his headline grabbing quotes in the past few months:

“Wenger is finished at Arsenal. Bring in Klopp!”

“Wenger out, ditch second-rate Giroud, become brutal”

There have been times in the past few seasons that we have struggled to challenge the top clubs,  but that is swiftly changing now with the FA Cup last season and gunning for the League this season along with a chance of retaining the Cup again.

There are hard times for any club and even United and Liverpool are going through that phase, but unlike the for-mentioned clubs Wenger has managed to keep us in the top four even during these tough times, so that’s a point to appreciate. In my view, this is by far the best season we are having since the past 10 years and any Arsenal fan would be optimistic and looking forward to the finish, but Piers is nothing like that.

It’s so silly that he calls himself an Arsenal fan because I have never seen him support the team except during the FA Cup celebration may be. His comments didn’t go unnoticed as many Arsenal fans thrashed him on Social Netwroking site Twitter for his disgusting comments.

Here are some of the best tweets


What do you say Gooners?

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