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5 reasons why Thierry Henry could solve Arsenal’s problems

Wenger and Henry

As it becomes more and more obvious Arsenal will be shopping for a new manager this summer, many names are being thrown in the ring. With its prestige and relative security, the North Londoners will be hoping to attract the very best coaching talent from around the world.

Considering the loyalty of Arsenal to the durable manager Wenger it is fitting that a name like Joachim Low is being touted. His long-held position as the manager of the German national team has been hugely successful, and he shows similar stability. Although in the past few years, the Londoners missed out on Klopp, Conte and Guardiola there is an exciting group of managers currently available in Europe.

Simeone, Nagelsmann, Jardim and Enrique are impressive, with their bags packed full of silverware, and proven tactics. However, there is one name that will never fade. Thierry Henry. He has enjoyed his life as a Sky TV pundit and is working as the assistant coach for the Belgian national team.

Many are quick to push aside the idea of Henry being a head coach for the troubled Arsenal team, at least for the immediate time being. Yet with more consideration, there are plenty of reasons why Thierry could be the best man to get Arsenal back on track.

Youth: All managers have to make their breakthrough and it’s rare to find a breakaway manager that is already in their late 50’s. Almost all of the current successful managers in Europe found recognition in their mid 40’s. Relating to modern players is perhaps easier at a younger age and could bring a breath of fresh air to the role.

Attack: There is no doubting the offensive mindset of Thierry and his ability to score in the most difficult games. This could translate into the manager’s role. There is a strong argument from Arsene Wenger that defensive problems can be solved by scoring goals. Any fan watching Arsenal would agree that for the past years they have witnessed a drastic decline in the fluency and penetration of attacking moves. But Wenger hasn’t found the answer.

His ‘jazz’ style of coaching and player management hasn’t worked in the recent years. Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla could play with this freedom, but now there is only Ozil and the same predictable build up to each play. The ability to launch even a simple counter has dissipated. There needs to be a change. Throughout his career, Thierry Henry was a prolific scorer and redefined the wide striker role with intelligence, speed and skill. Therefore he could be the best man to guide the current crop of expensive forwards.

Respect: This speaks for itself. Whatever doubts people may have regarding his coaching ability, the Frenchman commands a fair amount of respect and could unite the team. There is dire need for a centrally respected leader at the club and over the years Wenger lost this position.

Fans: With barely 15% of people wanting Wenger to stay after the summer break, the fans have made their voice known. The fans paid for a new stadium, not Arsene Wenger. The fans paid for the shirts and the coffee mugs. If the board are looking for someone to make the fans excited again I can’t think of anyone better than Thierry Henry. I believe the Arsenal fanbase would be more than willing to give Henry a shot at turning the club around.

Confidence: Henry has continued to put his name forward. It is tempting to brush off his advances, but we must evaluate the reasons why he is so confident in pursuing the Arsenal managerial role. Is there some interest from within the club that is being relayed to him? I would be suprised if he was doing this without some credence, especially in the face of Arsene at his worst hour. So in this category I would say Henry has what Troy Deeney advertises. Cojones.

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