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Jamie Vardy’s wife delivers crucial update on Arsenal move

Jamie Vardy

Rebekah Vardy, the wife of England and Leicester city star striker Jamie Vardy has come out to discuss her husband’s potential move to Arsenal, suggesting that ‘he hasn’t made a decision yet’.

Rebekah appeared on a British breakfast program called ‘Good Morning Britain’ ahead of flying out to France to join her new husband and the rest of the England WAGs. During the interview, she was quizzed on her husband’s future and his alleged move to Arsenal as well as that they are considering to buy a house in London.

When answering the questions, Rebekah was fully focused on not giving anything away about her husband’s future. She also claimed that they are not searching for a house in London right now.

With many Arsenal and Leicester fans anxious about her husband’s summer move to the capital, Rebekah revealed that it was ’all up to Jamie’ to decide. According to Mirror, speaking to Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway on the breakfast program ‘Good Morning Britain’, she said:

“Listen, all I can say is Jamie is a grown man, whatever he decides will be right for him in all terms. Whether it’s the right decision or the wrong decision or indifferent. It’s his decision and only he can make that.”

When asked how Jamie was preparing for the big tournament, the 34-year-old told mirror:

“Jamie doesn’t get excited about anything, he didn’t even get excited about our wedding. That is just what he is like, I think he thrives under pressure. I don’t think he ever shows [nerves].”

Rebekah also added that she is the one who gets nervous, saying:

“Absolutely. Sometimes I can’t even watch.”

This Jamie Vardy transfer saga looks like it’s gonna be long. In typical Arsenal fashion, a deal that actually fans were enthusiastic about now looks like it’s over ‘for now’.

It’s a massive decision for Jamie Vardy. If he leaves Leicester, he’ll be very unpopular with the Leicester fans. He has to keep in his mind his England career and now that he is 29, a move to the Gunners makes sense with more money and better prospects for featuring in the England team as a regular.

One of his Leicester teammate Andy King came out and suggested that they are trying their level best to keep the striker with the Foxes. According to Talk Sport, he said:

“We are trying everything we can do to try and persuade Jamie (Vardy) to stay.”

While Shinji Okazaki, another of his Leicester teammate currently in Japan told the Independent:

“Arsenal have not won the league for a long time and maybe it’s a dream that Vardy has. He has won the league with Leicester and if he led Arsenal to the title then his stock may rise even further.”

Recently Ray Parlour was on Talksport talking about the whole Jamie Vardy ‘saga’ and he said:

“ it looks like it isn’t happening now.“

It’s still up in the air, if he has 100% decided that he’s not coming to Arsenal, why didn’t he just say before he went to the Euros with the England team. There would be no speculation flying around in the background. His wife wouldn’t have to go on TV like she did yesterday and say I’m not gonna make decisions for him etc.

It could go either way. Right now the focus of the Arsenal management team should be on finding an alternative to Jamie Vardy. Alvaro Morata, Lacazette or even Gameiro?

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