Sagi Eswar is the founder of Arsenal Fever and is an Ardent Arsenal fan. He is an Engineer by Profession and is a firm believer of Wenger and his way of running the club. Has been a fan for the past 15 years.

Anhad Imaan Musician, blogger, copyrighter, policy researcher, avid lover of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. Has been with Arsenal Fever since 2014.

Sri Aswin is a Gooner who also brings a wealth of knowledge from European soccer and when he’s not busy writing about football, he’s probably busy talking about football! His Favourite player is Thierry Henry and is hopeful the glory days will soon be returning to the Emirates.

Michael Kalu is a twenty something Arsenal fan from Nigeria. He is an avid lover of Literature and Nigerian music but will skip any event to watch Arsenal.

Dominic Richard is a college student who wants to become a Sports Journalist. I started following Arsenal in 2006 due to ‘The King’ Thierry Henry. Gooner forever and ever!!!