Home News Feed ‘Worst performance ever’, Arsenal fans bash star on Twitter after Spurs draw

‘Worst performance ever’, Arsenal fans bash star on Twitter after Spurs draw


Arsenal put up a mediocre performance by their own standards in their 1-1 draw against Tottenham in the North London derby on Sunday afternoon.

Most of the fans have directed their frustration towards the performance of some players with Oxlade-Chamberlain taking the most bashing.

The winger came off the bench for Theo Walcott with 20 minutes of regular time remaining but the Englishman failed to make any significant impact on the game.

The North London club had their chances to establish a comfortable lead even before Tottenham’s equaliser. However, the players who have been inspiring the Gunners through this unbeaten streak haven’t turned up and it was visible in the second half.

Wenger made some aggressive changes by bringing on Giroud, Ramsey and Chamberlain to increase the tempo. However, except for a chance or two, the impact that the French boss was expecting from the substitutes didn’t come.

However targeting a player for the collective failure of the team is not something fans should do. He was definitely poor and misplaced many passes, but he was only on the pitch for about 20 minutes and making an impact every time you are brought on, is a herculean task.

It has been his most productive season in an Arsenal shirt, so it would be great if fans maintain some patience, before jumping onto conclusions.

Here are the reactions:

Include Ramsey in that bashing list.

He is definitely one of the most talented.

He has started the season well though.

It was definitely an off day.


We remember that!

Iwobi too had a sort of a bad game.

This one got it right

Debatable though.

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