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Why is Mourinho so obsessed with Arsene and Arsenal?


After every night fall there is a dawn and there is never a day without Mourinho talking about Wenger and Arsenal, why is it so difficult for one to stop talking about Arsene and arsenal? as far as I have comprehended the issue its that he is envy of us.

For all the silverware that he has won, he still hasn’t earned the respect from all corners. His tenures at various clubs have not exceeded more than 3 seasons. The self proclaimed special one’s success and tenure are short lived and leave the clubs with no long term offerings. He can’t really provide the trophies without any backing of the oil rich owners and he is envy of Wenger and what he has achieved at the club. His longevity at Arsenal is astonishing.

The power Wenger enjoys at Arsenal is nothing but close to dictatorship. That’s not the case with Mourinho when he is working in a club. Wenger builds legacy whereas Mourinho brings short term success which isn’t gonna do any good for neither the club nor the players in the club. His ideology of playing the football is widely criticized and as Wenger said he is afraid of failure. Wenger has seen both ups and downs in his career. Few really big defeats in the process of completing his mission on paying back the debts. The thing is, I find it hard to say,but in spite of boasting CV better than Wenger in terms of trophies Mourinho never really had the backing of his owners over the years.

The infamous incident were he was sacked during his first stint at Chelsea for not playing the proper kind of football which the Roman expected from him, that despite winning the league twice is a testimony to that. In contrast Wenger has seen his team winning the double twice and a season unbeaten and half a dozen FA Cup’s to his name and also a 9 year trophy drought where he had literally nothing to spend unless he sold his best players whom he nurtured and trained.

During those times never has he been spared of criticism but the respect he has earned has never really diminished at the club nor among the players. Wenger’s style of play, his persistence in playing beautiful,attacking eye catchy football has wide admirers across the globe. He is a revolutionist, an expert, visionary, perfectionist, PROFESSOR. Nobody, nobody can really come close to him.

Even the great Alex Ferguson comes second to Wenger when it comes to football in trusting and spotting the talented players. Best example to that can be both Mourinho and Ferguson sold Kevin De Bruyne and Paul Pogba when they don’t perform. But Wenger gave Aaron Ramsey a new contract when he had a rough patch. This shows how stubborn he is and his trust in players talent. We have people who can emulate Mourinho and his game play.

But its highly impossible for someone to emulate the way Arsene runs and plays football, because there is only one Arsene Wenger.

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    1. Thanks for everything you mention about Wenger, In Wenger we trust.big fan of Arsenal in suoth sudan.

    2. The writer of this post must be a die-hard Arsenal fan, which is understandable. But to suggest that Arsene Wenger is better than both Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho makes me wonder what you smoked prior to writing this. I highly respect Wenger and he’s one of the best managers out there. But he’s in no way than Mourinho or Ferguson. The statistics are all there to prove it. They all have different styles unique to their games.

      • Zobon, the writer did not say that wenger is better than Mou and Alex in term of coaching but in spotting talent that will be a future investment. Then,the write went up and gave two young talented player sold by both coach that are highly rated value in the market. The writer said that wenger is good to know about the development of player such as Ramsey etc.


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