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Who should be pairing up with Coquelin in central midfield?


The problem in having too many good quality players is that in figuring out the best starting eleven. Wenger in the past few years had problems in choosing the best eleven not because of quality but due to the injuries sustained by the players.

The second half of the last season gave the French manager the conundrum which all managers love having. He went ahead with the same starting eleven unchanged for 8 consecutive matches. He is yet to face the biggest conundrum, deciding whom to pair up with Coquelin in the central midfield next season. It was cazorla who paired up for the second half of the season. But with Walcott, Chamberlain, Welbeck, Sanchez on the wings where and when will he play Ramsey and Wilshere ?

Wenger played Wilshere and Ramsey both on the wings for few games during the end of the season and Ramsey has also expressed his unwillingness to play there, but Wenger assured him that its just a temporary decision. So,when the new season begins he needs to solve the conundrum. He has stated Walcott is most likely to play up as an striker and he is at the right age to play there, but his lack of work rate, physicality and injury record makes him unreliable.

With the team being build around Ozil, l don’t see Wilshere replacing him anytime soon for that central attacking midfield role. Cazorla didn’t hit the ground running last season and it was down to him being played in various positions and only after sometime he finally found his feet running. To play in the wings we need players with pace and with Ox and Welbeck they not only offer the pace, but also the work rate that is necessary.

Wilshere has shown he can play deep for his national team and Ramsey has also expressed his desire to play central midfield which suits his game by letting him make those late runs into the box which helps him score goals just the way he did during the 2013-14 season. One can’t really question the work rate of these two players as they play their heart out on the field.

Cazorla is a true magician in his own way. Technically gifted, two footed Spanish magician was a revelation last season especially during the Christmas period. His performance against city at Ethiad marked the turn around for Arsenal and at 30 he is certainly at his peak of his career. So what decision is Wenger gonna make and which one of the three is he gonna start along Coquelin, should wait until the season begins to find out the answer.

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