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Tony Adams hits out at Wenger once again: What’s wrong with the former Arsenal captain?

Arsene Wenger

It comes to something when a former Arsenal hero, legend and captain constantly tries to undermine those in charge of the North London club.

Adams has been engaged in some unpalatable comments about the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger over the last 18 months, even claiming that the Frenchman is ‘essentially not a coach’

Quite what gives Adams the right to ride his high horse out of the paddock remains something of a mystery. Wenger saved Adams career on his arrival and managed to extend his playing time by at least 2 to 3 seasons.

The Frenchman knew how to get the best out of his leader and used him wisely in the campaigns before his retirement.

This should have meant that Adams would have been eternally grateful and respectful and that their relationship was one based on mutual admiration but Adams it seems goes to the trough to promote himself and keep himself in the headlines.

If Adams could have been of some use at the club, I’m sure Wenger is astute enough to have afforded him a role by now but he obviously realises that Adams is nothing more than an opinionated, know all with very little experience in top-flight football.

It appears Adams has an ambition that are at odds with his ability and if Arsenal were to consider him for any major role within the club then the lunatics would have definitely taken over the asylum.

On Adams comments, Wenger merely said that it was ‘sad’ implying that his former captain had reached a new low in his perception of the clubs lack of respect and their unwillingness to give him a role at the club.

Adams pearls of managerial advice are based on brief and unsuccessful spells at Wycombe, Portsmouth, Gabala, and Granada, hardly the Nou Camp is it!

He recently appeared on ‘Goals on Sunday‘ to have yet another pop at his former club by claiming that Arsenal would not win the Premier League with Wenger in charge or with his current squad.

When asked about their chances on Sky Sports, Adams said of Wenger.

“He’s contracted for another 18 months, so you’re asking me whether this squad can do it. I don’t think they can, I think that’s pretty obvious.”

“But how long will he go on for now? How old is he 67? He’s already said retirement is death to him, so you can’t see him retiring and there doesn’t seem to be anything outside of the game for him.

“It wouldn’t be beyond me to see him sign another extension for another couple of years as well.”

Adams was a fighter, a leader, and a fine Captain but as a person, he is deeply troubled and as a Manager of Arsenal Football Club, it would be an unprecedented disaster of biblical proportions.

He seems to be in the category of former players that bash their former club such as Stewart Robson, who is another reasonable player who’s ego outweighs his talent.

I hope Tony Adams finds peace one day and that any future comments are constructive or at least from the perspective of a fan of football in general but his ramblings at present are poisonous and ill-advised.

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