What should Arsenal fans expect from this transfer window?


The last two years saw Arsenal finishing the season with silverware and after 9 barren years without any taste of success in terms of silverware the two FA Cup success. It has been a breath of fresh air and relief not just for the fans, but also for the players and Wenger himself who faced much of the criticism for not landing any silverware and for not signing any proven marquee players during those periods which did change once he signed Ozil, marking the beginning of his new era.

He followed it up with Sanchez the following summer, which also proved to be a master stroke. With these marquee signings the fans have started to expect more from him in the transfer market. The reported rumours of Cech and Schneiderlein are bound to increase the anxiety and hopes for the coming season.

So now lets assume Wenger manages to land his intended transfer targets. What should the fans expect from the team the following season? Arsene has done all the hard work in building this squad. There is no shortage of players and the team has an incredible depth for every position. All the team needs is the spine.

If the above mentioned transfers goes through the team is all set for something really special. It’s only a matter of days before the Cech deal is made official and the signing of Schneiderlein would complete the defence and the midfield of our team. Now comes the conundrum of striking options in the transfer market. With Giroud and Welbeck being our only strikers we need another player who can score 25 goals a season. Someone who can help and carry the scoring burden of sanchez.

Walcott is a lethal finisher and his pace and movement makes him the obvious choice, but his injury record and the his lack of physical presence makes it difficult to choose. The reported rumours about Aubameyang is another young pacy player similar to Walcott and offers exactly the same what he does. Should arsenal go for him? There aren’t many good quality strikers available at the moment. So buying him is upto the manager, but with or without another striker the main thing Arsenal need to concentrate on is having the players fit for the season throughout. Injuries have spoiled the Gunners title challenges over the years. It is necessary for a title winning team to have the players available for selection.

Arsenal’s form was much better in the second half of the season and it is down to the players coming back from injury and having the players back fit. Chlesea won the league because it had the players free of injury. Their 13-14 season stumbled once Hazard was injured. Last season he was fit for the full season. It is important to have the players fit. Fit players, Cech, Schneiderlein and with or without another striker Arsenal can surely win the third double of Wenger’s reign and quite possibly the first Champions league in the clubs history.

I’m over optimistic here, Arsenal have never failed to play the beautiful football and all they needed was the spine and which they will get it this summer. Wenger has done the impossible possible in the past and he never fails to deliver the goods, so be this time.

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    1. In my opinion i want Wenger to sign Aubameyang,Cech and Snerderlin and not to release any player to go out except the want d board has release becaz injure comes at any time n normally when the season is in d middle.