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Oxlade-Chamberlain, Everton and Chelsea: Wenger’s footballing predictions carry weight


Arsene Wenger has often been derided for his comments on the footballing World and his chuck away utterances to justify his teams occasionally dreary performances.

He has been accused of being a loser, rather unfairly by Jose Mourinho and fans have berated him for many a season when he excused his sides limp title challenge by attributing the failure to youth but it appears the Frenchman has turned prognosticator this season.

He has gone on record to say that spending vast sums of money is no guarantee for success and also that the introduction of a host of new players can unbalance a side. In this respect, Ronald Koeman and Everton are close to proving him right. 

He also said after the sale of Alex Oxlade – Chamberlain, that many stars that leave the North London club don’t fair well on there travels. Liverpool and Chamberlain add weight to that particular argument.

Wenger also discussed Chelsea Premiership campaign and went on record to say that they would struggle this season to sustain a challenge because of the Champions League and they certainly look less sure up against a  stylish Manchester City and remodeled Manchester United.

Despite what others may say, the Arsenal manager is an avid follower of football and many of his opinions are considered and extremely accurate.

When Arsenal flopped so dramatically at Liverpool, many said that Arsenal were in deep trouble, yet the Frenchman managed to get the team back on track and within striking distance of the pack.

It’s by no means certain that they will mount a sustained push and all will become clear after they clash with the top two, if Wenger has any thoughts on this matter, fans would certainly like to hear them.

Wenger has also pushed for a summer break, a single transfer window, and goalmouth technology but can find no takers for these inevitable changes.

The man who changed the face of the English game since his arrival in 1996, appears to still be as motivated and enthusiastic as ever. Wouldn’t it be fitting if he could produce one more moment of magic before he goes? 

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