Wenger reveals interesting update on striker signing

Arsene Wenger has reiterated his desire to be in the market in the event 'something special' happens or is made possible. However, as usual, he has made it clear that Arsenal will only sign a striker if one of 'quality' 'becomes available' .

Arsene Wenger


Arsene Wenger has reiterated his desire to be in the market for the event ‘something special’ happens or is made possible. However, as usual, he has made it clear that Arsenal will only sign a striker if one of ‘quality’ ‘becomes available’ .

Additionally, the Arsenal manager’s apparent priority in the transfer market at the moment is a central defender over the striker. The Metro has quoted the Arsenal manager saying the following on this matter regarding a transfer for a centre-forward:

‘I don’t count in numbers as squad too big,’ said Wenger.

‘I am looking at no other areas apart from centre back, it’s about quality.

‘If we find top quality, I will strengthen.

‘We have lost three centre backs because Laurent Koscielny is also not ready and out of the game but I believe we are equipped to do well.

‘Transfer wise, as soon as we do something we will inform you.’

Arsenal began their project of finding a new centre-forward after Danny Welbeck’s injury towards the end of last season.

Ever since,  Arsenal have been linked with almost every possible top notch striker in world football such as Alexander Lacazette, Mauro Icardi, Alvaro Morata, Gonzalo Higuain, Romelu Lukaku, and briefly, even Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge and Polish international Arkidusz Milik, who has now signed for Napoli as a replacement for Higuain, who left Naples to join Serie A rivals Juventus.

While the two Manchester clubs have done some decent business signing attacking players, Arsenal have not made much headway in this context. This is in spite the club claiming  that Wenger and his team of people are working round the clock on a transfer.

With about two weeks remaining in the transfer market, it is unlikely that ‘something special’ will really ‘come up’ for Wenger. How much is Arsene Wenger really to blame for this? In fact, is he incorrect in pointing this out in the first place?

The most common Arsenal narrative for some time now has been the idea that with a ‘world- class’ (well, most people actually mean Aguero, or Suarez or Lewandowski) striker Arsenal have a chance of winning the title given their quality in midfield.

The truth is that as much as we may be disappointed in Wenger, there is nothing else that the club can actually do. Gonzalo Higuain has joined Juventus for a transfer fee that is both jaw dropping, for the Argentine is totally not worth it.

Every selling club is aware of the fact that top class strikers are a rare breed these days ; the type of players every club would like to retain. It is for this reason that Lyon, while they would like to retain Lacazette, are also willing to let there be a bidding war for their star striker in a price range that does not justify the player’s talent.

It would be a bit of a travesty for Arsenal to over pay for any player that is not worth the price. However, all one can do at this point is remain hopeful that Wenger can pull of another Mesut Ozil sort of a transfer on deadline day, or towards the end of the transfer window.


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    1. That’s what he keeps saying year in year out and us muppet fans keep buying it. Of course he’s not in the market to buy any one. He keeps on stringing us along but not me. I’ve had enough of his antics. I really do hope we either win the EPL title or come 7th. I’m sick of his top 4 finish without winning anything. That way he either stays or is forced then by the fans to quit. I’d rather he quit now and yes, let’s suffer the consequences. I’ll be saying good riddance!

    2. Top quality strikers don’t just become available, you have to make a bid mr Wenger to force their club to sell, why not try a bid for Lewandowski or Dybala or Luka Ku, Pogba didn’t just become available Utd forced Juventus to sell with a bid they couldn’t refuse, season after season Arsenal do the same, they make bids for players they know we are not going to get…”well I tried”…..and us Arsenal fans keep letting him feed us

    3. Arsene Wenger isn’t a good manager. He’s so full of himself and believes so much that he knows more than everyone in the whole wide world and he knows nothing. He deserves to be sacked.

    4. Wenger is clueless! He keeps speculating but he’s too stingy to go to the market and buy quality players…look at how Arsenal lost to Liverpool, we lack the quality players and arsenal has more than enough money to buy players but they won’t buy..and they wanna win the EpL, let’s see how that happens this season!