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Unai Emery rings in the changes but it won’t improve the defence


The obsession with all things Arsenal and Unai Emery plunged to new farcical depths, when it was announced that the new manager, had dispensed with a regime installed by Arsene Wenger and implemented a radical and revolutionary approach of his own.

Emery, who faces the massive challenge of reshaping and rebuilding the current squad, did the unthinkable, he changed the players fluid intake from juice to….. water, as per The Star.

“The Spanish boss has also set up a marquee with a gym inside it next to the training pitches at their London Colney HQ.”

This was according to The Sun, but it went further

“It is said those sessions have been tough because of Emery’s high-press tactics which require constant movement and elite levels of fitness.

But far from complaining, players are reportedly “impressed” with the new-look training and taking to it well. The fruit juices are out because of their high sugar content and have been replaced with water.”

What a relief, the players like water and don’t mind training in a tent. It could have been a source of tension in a season where they have absolutely no chance of winning the premier league.

So, despite shipping in 8 goals and losing two of their first four matches, the media sense that these changes are an important factor in Arsenal’s quest for a top-four slot. For Emery, I’m sure it’s an insignificant, basic tweak but in the great scheme of a news shy week, the media assume it means something.

The Arsenal defence has nearly driven myself and a number of other fans to drink and I’m not talking about juice or water but I suppose football matters are secondary when scraping the bottom of the football barrel. Fleet Street is involved in mundane skullduggery at present and before this latest revelation, it announced that Emery had a showdown with his often maligned midfielder Mesut Ozil.

Ozil was apparently unwell with another cold, perhaps Emery should get his player’s vitamins to go with that life-enhancing water. At least with the addition of a gym/tent, Ozil stands less chance of catching the odd sniffle.

Then few days back, there was a wave of speculation that Ya Ya Toure was heading to the Emirates in a free transfer. Really? Based on what in particular?. No doubt, Roman Abramovich will now buy out Stan Kroenke, The Queen will abdicate to be replaced by a duck and Andy Murray will beat Roger Federer. If we are going to be absurd, let’s do it properly.

Maybe Spurs will win the premiership, Jose Mourinho will smile again and Manchester City will be beaten 10-0 in the Carabao cup by Wickham Wanders reserve team. It appears that Arsenal have become speculative fodder because of their decision to end a 22 year association with Arsene Wenger and that any scrap of news is news worthy.

Emery has issues and problems to solve and there is a grain of truth in the Ozil story but let’s not get carried away and think that he’s on his way out of the Emirates just yet.
I meant Ozil , not Emery.

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