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Alexis Sanchez and Arsenal: The uncertainty continues


We can’t just stop talking about him, can we? The future of Alexis Sanchez will never be resolved until he leaves or signs a new deal. As the drama unfolds, it is only natural that we express our opinion about the livewire attacker and his recent attitude towards the club.

Originally scheduled to return to training with the full squad on Sunday, the striker in the most unusual manner stayed back in Chile claiming illness. When questioned about the same in a press conference, Arsene Wenger in his typical defensive manner accused the journalists of mistrust and unprovoked suspicion.

Addressing the press after the 5–2 victory over Benfica in the Emirates Cup, the gaffer said: “Your job is to be suspicious. Your job is built on mistrust and my job is built on trust. That is why I prefer my style.”

While Wenger gives the impression that Sanchez’s refusal to return as scheduled is down to his flu, one can only wonder if the experienced manager believes himself completely. To be honest, the Instagram picture posted by Alexis to announce his illness is not very convincing.

As much as we’d love to believe him, we can equally express disappointment at the timing of the flu. The energetic forward is not known for trying to stay out of the pitch unless something is seriously wrong.

Unlike Mesut Ozil, Sanchez has not made any indication of his willingness to stay at Arsenal. It could be recalled that Ozil expressed his willingness to honour his current contract(even though he is yet to agree a new one). Sanchez is yet to suggest in any way that he feels a thing for the club and the fans.

His only comment regarding his future was during the Confederation Cup when he said that a decision has been made(Wenger style) and it will be made public at an appropriate time. There has been no real information about that decision, only speculations.

According to Wenger, he had been in touch with Sanchez through text messaging and he, Wenger, cannot reveal what was being discussed(as though we expect him to). The manager maintained that Sanchez will return on Tuesday and the club’s decision on his transfer has not changed.

The Chilean did return to training on Tuesday as promised but will train separately until he proves his witness. Fans will relax knowing that Sanchez is back, however his future is still up in the air and unless someone comes out with a statement the assumption would be that he is destined to leave.

In light of all these and what we know about Sanchez, we can only wonder whether it is really worth keeping him if he is bent on leaving. Though he hasn’t made it public, Alexis Sanchez attitude suggests that he really wants to call it quits at the Emirates this summer.

As much as we would love to see him contribute more, it is equally expected that he should not be allowed to cause any disruption to the morale of the team. If he truly wants to leave by all means, he should man up and make the decision public, if not, stick around to honour the contract which he willingly signed.

While it will be sad to see him leave, it will be in the interest of the club not to hold him any longer than he wishes to stay. Alexis is not bigger than Arsenal.

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