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Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal: One nil to the Spurs, now that’s a first

Arsene Wenger

There’s only one team in North London and it’s not Arsenal!

In a match with no positives, where do you start? The biggest crowd to watch a Premiership game? A first half with no injury time? ( I can’t ever recall that happening), an uneventful first half between Arsenal and Spurs? Wenger chose to play a back four? No, no, no and no!

Kane giving Spurs the lead after 49 minutes was inevitable, how he missed 2 more chances after that God only knows. As usual, a striker rising unchallenged at the far post to score and Wenger screaming for a free kick. For what? It was sloppy defending, pure and simple.

If you are going to play with a back four then they need to be a tight unit, to keep a straight line under pressure and not to defend high up the pitch, but this is all immaterial. What Arsenal need is a centre-half, a leader, a Tony Adams? Someone who demands respect, someone a John Terry, a player willing to die for the cause.

Mustafi isn’t good enough, period. Bellerin is too attack-minded, Koscienly is going through the motions, Elneny is a Championship player, Xhaka can’t keep hold of the ball, Ozil drifts in and out of games like the proverbial wind.

Ramsey is always injured and Cech has had his day, he will never achieve his 200th clean sheet with a spineless defence in front of him. Spineless is quite apt really, as the players I’ve just mentioned are supposed to be the backbone of this team.

Lacazette looks to be lacking confidence. When he had the chance to score the equaliser, he steered his shot wide when it was easier to score, the look on his face resembled a rabbit caught in the headlights. He looked scared, he was, until last week, our record signing, why didn’t Wenger save half that money and sign Jonny Evans?

Defenders don’t seem to be a priority anymore. Gone are the ”one nil to the Arsenal” chants, in those days we had the respect of opposing supporters, that’s why those songs were so common.

By 70 minutes, Spurs should have been three up, against a team that scored five only last week. It’s all very well being undefeated at home, but wins on the road, against ”the big clubs” that is what we need.

Well, how can you say anything positive? Arsenal are rock bottom, this has to be the worst team to wear the Gunners jersey. Wenger has to go before all those, as the good times have disappeared from the memory and every Gooner is filled with contempt.

Contempt toward a man that breathed new life into this once, ailing club, that gave us a brand new stadium and countless trophies. You decide, as a Gooner, you have a right and a voice!! To end on a positive, Kane looks sharp for this summers World Cup, don’t you think?

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