Stop blaming Arsene Wenger, says Oxlade-Chamberlain


Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has defended Arsene Wenger by claiming that the players must take the blame for the Gunners poor start to the season.

The French manager been come under immense amounts of criticism from some section of fans this season, following the North London club’s worst start to a League season in 30 years.

The England international feels that everyone at the club should take equal responsibility for the disastrous start to the season, not just Wenger.

According to Evening Standard, he said:

It’s a hard one for me to say what I would say to the fans. I understand their frustration. I would definitely say that and they are completely entitled to their own opinion. They pay good money to follow us around and support their club.
I am sure they have supported us for a number of years so they are definitely entitled to their opinion and I can understand their frustration. But I wouldn’t put that on the manager. We have to stand up ourselves as players.
On that day [at Stoke], it wasn’t the manager’s fault we went 3-0 down like we did in the first half. It was us as a group of players — we were not at the required level. On that day, it would have been harsh for a fan to completely blame our manager. As players, we are adults and we need to stand up and take some of that blame ourselves.
It is us as well as footballers to take responsibility but he would say the same thing in the same position as me [speaking publicly]. I am sure he will take responsibility because that’s what a great manager he is. All of us as a group need to work together to make things go the right way and we are trying to do that.

Chamberlain is spot on in his analysis about the situation that currently exists in and around the Emirates. It has been nothing less than a disastrous start to the season for the Gunners and many hold Wenger responsible for this, but when you analyse deep in you would realise that it’s just one side of the coin.

There is no doubting the fact that Wenger should have strengthened even more in the summer, but looking at the players Arsenal signed we should have been in a far better situation right now. So the current situation suggests that it’s not only the manager but players should also be held responsible for this start.

Some players under performed while injuries have also contributed to this start. However with many important players set to return in the coming weeks, we are looking super strong which shows just why Wenger hesitated in buying any more players. It was definitely a mistake from the boss to not make any defensive acquisitions, however the time has come to rectify these mistakes and hopefully the manager realises this.

Should we blame Wenger for this start?

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