Home News Spanish journalist provides update on Sanchez’s United transfer

Spanish journalist provides update on Sanchez’s United transfer


Reports are coming in that suggest Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United have tabled an offer for Alexis Sanchez and the deal seems to be on the brink of completion.

Spanish journalist Diego Martinez claims it’s a “done deal” after an agreement was struck on Saturday

Neighbours Manchester City are said to have a verbal agreement in place which would explain why they haven’t been in a rush to meet Arsenal’s alleged valuation of £40 million.

The correct valuation at this point in the players dwindling contract would be closer to £20 + million to make a quick and relatively painless sale.

United’s intervention could yet see the Chilean do a U-turn on that agreement but surely this would be even harder for Arsenal fans to swallow.

They dislike United as much as Mourinho and it all smacks of the Robin Van Persie saga which saw the striker leave whilst in a rich vein of form and go on to win the premiership.

I’m sure that Arsenal supporters would rather hope the Chilean went to City than run into the arms of the North London clubs fiercest critic.

The bad blood between the United manager and Wenger is well known but if Arsenal board rubber stamp his move to United, surely it will be the end for Wenger and his fragile truce with the Gooners hierarchy.

He was hard pushed for funds in 2012 when he reluctantly sold Robin Van Persie for £22.5 million plus add on and in doing so ended any chance of mounting a serious challenge in the league.

Here we are again, facing the prospect of losing another World class player to the same club , only this time to the Portuguese windbag.

It would surely raise the hackles of the clubs beleaguered fans and prove unforgivable even if Henrikh Mkhitaryan was included in the deal.

Wenger has long admired the player but surely he won’t be tempted to dance with the devil twice in the space in five years.

Mourinho’s contempt for Wenger and Arsenal make the bid as welcome as a three legged horse at Ascot. How the special one would love to twist the knife in the back of the Frenchman.

If I were Wenger, I’d be on the phone to Pep and ask him to pick him up on a mini cab personally before he slinks off to the red side of Manchester.

The only plus in this dreadful story is the relationship between the player and City manager and the fact that United aren’t even close to being as good as City , this season or next. If that’s not enough to persuade the striker to go blue , nothing is.

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