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Ray Parlour predicts this Unai Emery decision might make or break Arsenal’s season

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Now that we are a few months into the Unai Emery era, it is time to predict the ways in which the season is going to end.

This will be coming from fans and even former players with everyone ready to offer their opinion on the club and its fortunes. Ray Parlour, the former Arsenal midfielder has had his say on the way the season might go.

Speaking to Express Sport, this is what Parlour had to say about the decisions that the club might have to make:

“You’ve got two options, you can either go top four or obviously Europa League.

“The Europa League’s quite a big trophy this year. If I had to pick one I would say Europa League, to win that, because you win a trophy and then you’re in the Champions League.”

“I think what will happen is Emery will assess the situation in February/March when it kicks off again and gets serious.”

This is the choice that the club will have to make at some point of the season. Of course, it would be nice if they were able to focus on both competitions but given how competitive they are, that is going to be a little harder to accomplish.

Parlour went on to add that the club will think about where to focus their priorities a little later in the season. When the club reaches the later stages of the knockout stages, the manager and the players will have a better idea of what to do.

After a tough start to the season in the Premier League, the Gunners have gone on an unbeaten streak that has lasted for a long time. There have been some bumps along the way but the club has managed to overcome them.

What Parlour has to say does seem to be true as the club will probably be better served if they focused their attention on one competition alone. But, they must not lose focus on one just because they are focusing on the other. The main objective of the Gunners will be to get back into the Champions League and to be honest, it does not matter how they get there as long they get there.

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