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‘Please leave Arsenal’, Fans furious with Gunners star after disappointing performace against PSG


Arsenal played out a hard fought 2-2 against Paris-Saint Germain at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night, virtually ending their hopes of topping their group.

The North London club have already secured their entry into the knock-out rounds in their previous game and the main goal against PSG was to also confirm their place at the pinnacle of the group.

However, the result means that the French club would just need to equal Arsenal’s result in the final group game and they will be through to the next round top of the group.

There are many players missing with injuries, but not having first-choice at right-back in Hector Bellerin was a big blow. The Spanish youngster is expected to be out of action for few weeks, meaning that Carl Jenkinson took his place.

The Englishman has been out injured since the start of the year following an 18-month spell on loan at West Ham and is playing this high level of football after a long time, the impact of which can be seen in his performances over the past 2 games.

The 24-year-old was far from impressive performance against French giants as the defender struggled to show any confidence in his own ability. It is definitely hard for any youngster to straight away slot in after an year and that too in big games, but it also provided an opportunity to prove himself.

The Gunners could see the defender having a poor game and, unfortunately for him, took to Twitter to rip into Jenkinson’s performance.

Here are some of the reactions:

Hopefully they both hangout some time pretty soon! 

Coming to Santos, I remember his terrific pace going forward.

If Chamberlain is in the mood, he can even play GK.

Too early to say so?

May be!

There are some fans who looked at the positive side too.


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    1. It is always amusing to see people look for a scapegoat when Arsenal don’t win when the fans and pundits predict they will. How and why Arsenal were seen as favorites to win is a mystery to anyone who looked at this game through clear lenses.

      PSG is a big club, they are stocked with talent, and the game was exactly as anyone who knows a thing about football expected it to be; evenly matched and difficult; for both sides. PSG’s back four played a tremendous game, intercepting the ball and making it hard to play through their lines. Matuidi showed his class all game long, and Cavani was clinical.

      From the stories and half-baked post-game analysis published thus far three scapegoats have been identified for far. The first was Mesut Ozil. He seems to be the favorite whipping boy for a certain segement of AFC supprters. They continnually claim he goes missing, doesn’t try, and isn’t physical. They’re wrong as proven b y the statistics and by simply watching the game, but that doesn’t shut them up. Ozil created the chance that led to the penalty call earned by Alexis. His sweet, no look pass around his defender to a cutting Alexis wrong-footed the defender and forced the clumsy tackle that earned the PK call. Ozil also made runs and ranged all over the field to bolster the attack.

      The second favorite scapegoat candidate is Francis Coquelin. His main crime seems to be that he isn’t Granit Xhaka and didn’t cost £35 million. It is so odd that the same people that demand Arsenal show more steel out one side of their mouths demand more fluidity and attacking intent out of the other. Very few DMs can provide both. Viera did both well. Arteta did a good job moving the attack, but not so well defending. Coquelin and Ramsey looked like a decent partnership. PSG made it difficult by pressing and closing down the midfield as quickly as possible. Would Xhaka over Coquelin had changed that? Xhaka is a better and more accurate passer of the ball than Le Coq, but he sometimes gets caught looking upfield, something Coquelin can’t be accused of.

      Jenkinson is the latest scapegoat to be picked out. He’s no more responsible than either of the first two. His major crime, like Coquelin, is that he isn’t someone else. Carl Jenkinson isn’t Hector Bellerin. That doesn’t mean he’s poor or that every Gunner’s loss while Bellerin is out is his fault. Jenkinson did a lot of things well. He had some good crosses, some decent defensive plays, and some good runs. If his teammates don’t pass to him how is that his fault? If Alexis doesn’t pass to him, who is at fault? Jenks, who made the run or Alexis who didn’t deliver the ball? Going forward Jenkinson was lively, quick, and willing. He had some poor crosses, especially early in the game. He was also a little loose on Moura on the second goal. On the other hand he prevented a goal when he popped a cross headed right for Moura out of reach. He put in a shift and like most players, his contributions were a mixed bag.

      One player who hasn’t been criticized much is Iwobi, who was the worst Arsenal player on the pitch for most of the time he played. The own goal hurt. If he’d left it, Ospina had the header covered, but players try to make plays, so you can’t blame him for trying. Offensively, however, he was next to useless. He was a human turn over machine. He constantly left Gibbs alone on the left, and seemed out of his depth. To be fair he’s young and he made a few nice runs, but they all ended with poor passes or dubious decisions. He had an open look at goal and passed it up to make a very difficult pass. Iwobi isn’t any more to blame than any other player, but he didn’t do the Gunners much good while he was out there.

      Alexis did not have a particularly good game. He works so incredibly hard it is really difficult to call him to acocunt for a poor performance, but he didn’t manage a single shot on target. For a player like Giroud, that statistic is usually a funciton of the service het gets (or doesn’t get) but for Alexis, who has the ability to create his own shots, that statistic demonstrates just how effective PSGs pressure was.

      Both centerbacks for Arsenal had rough games. Mustafi in particular kept trying to play balls over his head by reaching out with his feet instead of running under them. Twice he got burned and except for some terrific goalkeeping, those mistakes would have cost Arsenal goals. Similarly Koscielny made more mistakes than Arsenal fans are used to seeing. He didwell when Cavani made his dive for a penalty and he made some good plays, but overall, PSG gave the Arsenal center backs a rough time.

      Overall what fans got to see was two very evenly matched teams struggling to differentiate themselves from their opponents. The draw against PSG is not one that demands a scapegoat, but recognition that the path to Champions League glory is neither easy or smooth. Arsenal eked out a draw against PSG in Paris and PSG eked out a draw against Arsenal in London.

      Why does there have to be a scapegoat?

      On the positive side, Giroud continued to show his fighting spirit, battling hard and scoring when he got the chance (even if it was on a penalty). Kieran Gibbs was very good, both going forward and especially in defense. Every time he’s written off, he looks more and more like a top-level left back.


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