The toils of a long-suffering Arsenal fan


Hi fellow sufferers/Gooners, this writing world is new to me, and at 50 years old, its a bit like riding a bike with no wheels but here goes……

As a Gooner, I feel saddened by the clubs recent downward spiral. Why can’t we return to the good old days of Merson, Big Tony, Mr Seaman and God himself – Rocky Rocastle.

Life was far simpler then, we didn’t have to scour the internet for transfer updates, many of which are fabricated(otherwise we’d be signing every player on the world stage).

We didn’t have to worry about Spurs being above us in the League, unless of course you read your tabloids up side down. We didn’t have to worry about Highbury winning, ground of the year as that was always a sure thing!!! No, all we had to worry about was whether Mr.Graham was taking another bribe.

Nowadays being a Gooner is a stressful occupation. Nothing is simple. If it was, the Russian would be the owner and we’d be spending more money each week than Man City spend in a year.

The Emirates would be called ‘Rocastle Park’ and Liam Brady would be manager (assisted by Mr.Bergkamp). I feel for Arsene, he put us on the map but now he doesn’t know his Clock End from his North Bank.

He set the standard we see week in, week out in the Premiership but his team now falls well below that standard. When Mickey Thomas scored the winner for Wrexham to knock us out the F.A Cup, I thought that would be as bad as it would ever get.

Let me leave you with this poser; what do we need a centre half? or another Henry?? Thought so! I can’t wait to once again hear the chants ‘one nil to The Arsenal’. Go on agree, I won’t tell anyone, promise.

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