‘It’s never over’, Wenger claims Arsenal’s Premier League hopes are still alive


As Arsenal look to open the weekend’s Premier League games with a visit from Hull City at the Emirates, Arsene Wenger has claimed that the Gunners title chances are still alive. His statements clearly show a sign of a manager on a mission. As much as that is music to my ears, it remains to be seen whether he truly means business or he is just stringing the fans along.

Here a few quotes from it on arsenal.com;

“It’s never over – we cannot behave like that,” Wenger said. “Even if you think it is, I don’t. We cannot even think like that.”

The Boss also addresses the disappointment of the fans and pundits alike saying;

We need to focus on what we do well and the quality of our game. As well these players have been great players [before] last Tuesday, they are still great players one week later. You are not a different player. You have to have common sense a little bit.

Well either the Boss is finally awake to the demands of this season or he is doing himself a serious injustice in terms of popular votes. Either way, time will tell and for everyone’s sake, I sincerely hope it is the former.

For far too long, Arsene seems to be entangled in a sticky Web of his own doing by either not buying when he should or using his players in a manner that doesn’t encourage competition.

Whilst on this topic, I wonder if I am alone in the thought that Mesut Özil seems to enjoy a starting berth at the expense of his teammates who are obviously in better match form.

I think Alex Iwobi makes a better no 10 in matches that require quick attacking moves and high pressing tactics.

The game at the Bridge is a typical example of what I mean. In such games, Mesut Özil seems to fizzle into thin air as spaces encroach and he is less willing to take on players to get into the box.

If you ask me, it comes down to lack of imagination and an over-zealous need to live up to pre-agreed promises on the part of Arsene Wenger. The whole team, fans, and even Mesut Özil will be better off if he was made to fight for his spot in the starting 11 weeks in, week out.

In other news, Jack Wilshere has clearly stated his conditions as regards his decision as per what will determine where his future lies. Let’s not kid ourselves, his injury woes are chiefly responsible for his current situation and if he can’t see that, then perhaps Arsenal isn’t for him after all.

I am a huge fan of his but I think he might be a tad bit ungrateful not ringing out a war-cry in favor of fighting for his spot in the Arsenal team that has stood by him through his hard times.

I will gather the juiciest rumors concerning us and condense them all into one as talking Arsenal displays have become a bit difficult lately.

Anyway, MatchDay piece, as well as predicted lineups and score prediction, will come up next…. Till then, stay true…COYG!

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