Let’s spare a thought for our ‘magician’ Santi Cazorla


What a month and it’s not over yet! We all knew Sanchez was leaving but even a Fortune Teller would never have predicted Mkhitaryan coming to Arsenal. Sometimes football really is a ”funny old game”.

Poor old Santi, a true Gunner for sure, could be out until 2019 and that is more shocking than any transfer gossip, even more shocking than Aubameyang loading his high-end Italian sports car with boxes and everyone assuming that must mean he’s clearing out his locker ready to join us.

Speaking to RTVE(via Sky Sports), the Spaniard said:

“There have been moments when I’ve thought about throwing in the towel. I’ve thought things like ‘maybe it is not worth continuing.

“If things go well, maybe next year I can play at the top level again.”

Santi has been one of, if not the most consistent performer for Arsenal over the past few years and his setbacks from this debilitating injury shouldn’t be overlooked.

He must be going through hell, yet all we do is stroll the internet for the latest transfer news. Hey, if a signing happens then it happens, if it doesn’t then so what. We’ve all been here before.

Yet one of our best players must be going through hell right now, all Santi wants to do is play football. He’s not at home counting his millions while loading another ”FIFA 18” game, he’s probably in pieces. Maybe we should spare a few minutes away from our speculating and think about him.

Despite all his faults and there are too many to fit into this article, Wenger is loyal. Just ask Mertesacker, Henry and Vierra to name a few. He will stand by Cazorla throughout his injury and we should give him some credit for that.

Come on, we’re Gooners, we’re always going to suffer. We’re always going to sell our best players to our Premiership rivals. We’ll never beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League and there will always be times at the Emirates where the faithful fans choose to be silent instead of razing the roof.

The point of this article is to maybe encourage us Gooners to put up or shut up. Not many clubs have our history, our wealth, our fan base. So, come on lads and lassies, let’s start being positive. Only one team can win the trophies each year, it’s not always going to be Arsenal but we will win many more.

Let me hear you, ”Stand up if you hate Tottenham….”

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