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Laurent Koscielny: Arsenal’s best defender is starting to crumble


Laurent Koscielny was Arsenal’s best defender, someone they couldn’t do without, the first name on the sheet when Wenger thought about the defence. Fast forward to 2017, Arsenal’s defensive problems are growing and Koscielny isn’t anywhere near the player he once was. 

Lacking pace, caught in possession, guilty of stray cross field balls, indecisive and sluggish, a shadow of his former self. There was a time when Wenger would have been wrapped around his ankle at the suggestion of his departure but instead, Wenger may want to call a cab to help the defender get to the airport.

It’s like watching a heavyweight champion who has had one fight too many, the Frenchman seems to be unraveling in front of our eyes. When a centre back’s powers are in decline it’s noticeable because there is a distinct lack of reaction and pace, such was the case in John Terry’s last season and a half. 

Koscielny looks to be heading that way and closer to booking a one-way ticket to another destination and club. To be fair Koscielny isn’t on his own in this Incompetent back line, Bellerin who is great going forward is shocking in defense, which as a defender is not quite what you want.

Mertesacker should have called it a day after last seasons FA cup final win rather than make cameo appearances in a season that makes him move like his feet have been placed into concrete blocks 

Mustafi either plays solidly or like a bewildered novice and Monreal, the least guilty party still lacks positional awareness. Together they are awful, shipping goals away from home to the mediocre opposition and although Wenger will cite attempts on goals as an antidote to the defensive failings, the ball DIDN’T END UP IN THE NET !!!

Debuchy must be secretly laughing his pants off and thinking that there is some sort of karma being played out for each season he has been ignored or cast aside. It’s clear to everyone who goes to the Emirates that any of the combinations available to Wenger don’t work.

Holding shows promise and could even be a future Captain but he needs to be in a less nervy and incompetent back three or four. Wenger needs someone with a voice in position, someone that can lead or organise because he will never take this team forward in its current form.

Ex-football stars Tony Cascarino and Rio Ferdinand watched the game against West Ham and like the long-suffering Arsenal fans can see the issues which it seems can’t be resolved.

Cascarino penned an article in the Times:

“I don’t know what has happened to Hector Bellerin, who has really gone backwards for Arsenal, he was touted as one of the Countries best right backs.”

Ferdinand focused on the lack of progression under Wenger and said that he would have to be held accountable at the end of the season.

As I’ve said before, let’s clear out and start again and add genuine quality to the defence instead of employing the ‘Lidl mentality’ that we currently have. You can’t buy class on the cheap!

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