Is it okay to let an old foe return to Arsenal?


The curse of the perfect No. 9 has been a constant reminder throughout our previous seasons and it still keeps haunting us to date. I was watching old clips of Arsenal. Early 2000’s to be precise, the play remains to be the same, except that we had lanky, built leaders everywhere on the pitch. The work was very well cut out and given to them, only for them to execute it to perfection. The puzzle was always solved from the bench or by one of the outfield players to get us the win.

Coming to later 2000’s, we had a bunch of kids to get our job done, which was primarily to finish in the top 4 while the manager gave away promises about winning the league. There was a time when commentators and pundits who would rave about the average age of Arsenal time and again, like it was the figure of a woman everyone wants to bed.

Then came along a certain few “experienced

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    1. In the first few seasons of Wnger’s tenure he had predominantly picked players who were tall, fast and very heavy tacklers. Some were brutish. Much emphasis was on heavy tackling. We were fielding a team with everybody 6.0’+ and who were aggressive tacklers.

      Today Wenger speaks about technical ability, the reading of games and giving comparatives with a Lion, but back then Arsene was always going on about the heavy hard tackles his players put in.