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How long before Alexis Sanchez and Mourinho fall out?


It’s been 10 days since Alexis Sanchez officially completed his move to Manchester United in a swap deal including Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Many Arsenal are happy that Alexis Sanchez finally left the North London club and went flying into the arms of the special one.

Mourinho seems to have been unusually determined to bring the striker to Old Trafford, almost as a statement of intent to their Manchester rivals who wouldn’t meet Arsenal’s terms.

Despite all his talent, Sanchez has been hard work, demanding extra training sessions and unsettling the balance of the team with his fluctuations in temperament.

The question, however, is how long before the Manchester United manager and his newly acquired superstar’s relationship hit the buffers?

Wenger constantly flexed to keep the player but when he made changes or substituted the Chilean, the player made no secret of his boiling displeasure.

Mourinho is nowhere near as patient as Wenger and will always ensure that whilst in the hot seat at Man Utd, no one will be able to consider them self as special as he is or his team.

It will only take one difficult match, one where Sanchez suffers the frustration of not making an impact and Mourinho subs him and the honeymoon may be over.

How satisfying would that be as an Arsenal fan that suffered the player’s tantrums and inconsistencies?

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