‘He was shocking, doesn’t even belong on the bench’, Fans angry with Arsenal star’s performance

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal lost their first Premier League game since the opening day of the season after losing to Everton 2-1 at Goodison Park on Tuesday.

The Gunners took the lead early on, as Sanchez’s deflected free-kick gave them the lead after a dominant opening 20 minutes, but Seamus Coleman headed home just before the break to regain parity for the hosts.

Neither side mustered any golden chances for most of the second half until Ashley Williams headed home a winner from Ross Barkley’s corner four minutes from time to hand Everton their first victory since October.

The North London club’s title credentials will be questioned again after they were defeated in a game where they had control of the result. Wenger’s team did not react positively to Everton’s fight and aggression, and they rolled over too easily.

There were poor performances from the whole team, but Walcott did stand out among them. He did nothing and was outplayed by Hector Bellerin in the attack, with the Spaniard not even being at his best.

The Englishman has been in improved form this season but he still lacks consistency and that was particularly evident in this fixture where he literally failed to turn up. Playing on the right wing, Walcott just couldn’t get into the game and was removed with around 20 minutes to go.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

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They both were really poor

Wenger should have started with Iwobi/Perez

Arsenal lacked the team effort

They all go missing in some games, no idea why


Hopefully not



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    1. Here we go Walcott. Yes he had an anonymous game. But what about the Arsenal midfielder who stunk the place out last night. Look at that second goal..no one has the guts to slate Ozil who was absolutely useless last night. But i understand he can’t be critised because that would mean our fans having to learn another song. So let’s blame Walcott for any defeat instead.

    2. We have seen it all before, when we really need to dig in with a match like Everton, you can rely on Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain to go missing. What has Lucas Perez got to do to get a start after his hat-trick against Basle; he is obviously better that either of these two wasters and really puts some effort in
      I think to lump Ozil with them is a bit unfair though; I thought he played quite well last night although he should have put away the chance Sanchez lined up for him,. we would have gone on to win the game then
      Letting Jack Wilshere go out on loan to Bournemouth is looking like another Wenger disastrous decision again.

    3. Stupidity knows no limits. Arsenal lose one game, away, and already the Arsenal supporters are complaining about Arsene Wenger, demanding a player with 10 goals in all competitions (7 in the league) be dropped, sold, exiled, or taken out and shot. Stupid. Arsenal will lose other games. It boggles the mind how, knowing this is inevitable, fans, pundits, so-called journalists cannot seem to deliver a decent analysis of the game. Instead of thoughtful analysis what’s delivered is hysteria, nit-picking, and deliberate over-emphasis of minor statistics to paint the most dire picture.

      Arsene Wenger rightly pointed out that the corner that led to the game-winning goal was improperly awarded. He was right. Replays showed he was right. No mistake by the referee, no goal by Ashley Williams. If the game ended in a draw, would there be the same hysteria? Ronald Koeman mocked Arsene Wenger for pointing out the referee’s error, but if he’d been the victim of such an obvious screw up Koeman would have done exactly the same thing. He’s a manager under intense pressure after going 10 in a row without a win. so he wants full credit for the win, so rather than admit his side were the recipient of some official incompetence, he seizes the opportunity for taking credit he does not deserve. Everton were threatening, but so were Arsenal earlier.

      All teams drop points, all teams (with one exception in the history of the Premier League) lose games. Arsenal lost on the first day of the season (4-3) and since have beaten Chelsea, drawn to Tottenham and Man U, and will play Man city next week. They are second in the table and will probably stay there regardless of other results Wednesday.

      Last week Leicester beat Manchester City and this week the same team lost to Bournemouth. Bournemouth beat Leicester this week, last week lost to Burnley, and the week before beat Liverpool. It is a competitive league, which means teams lose to rivals below them in the table.

      The manager of Chelsea, everyone’s favorite for the title (after having been written off in the first three weeks of the season!), Antonio Conte just this past week said 100 points are impossible, which means team will drop at least 15 points. His team have already dropped 8. Man City, everyone’s preseason title favorite, has dropped 15.

      It is always hard to see a team you love lose, but a little perspective would be nice.

    4. Bonaroca:- Watched last nght’s game against Everton and to be honest if Arsenal think that they could
      win the League and the European Cup with this kind of displays then there must be something wrong, by
      the critics and those paying supporters. Last night’s play by Arsenal was just a disgrace and the following
      supporters should have asked for refund for admission fees and travelling expenses.

      Who is to blame, well it is now customary when Arsenal start slowing the game and passing the ball more
      back then forward then its up to the Manager to right the wrong that was going on. Walcott was hopeless
      and Ozil must have worn the wrong booths, he had a couple chances and did not take them. As regards Coloquene should thank the referee to have remained on the pitch. Its about time that Eleny and Perez find their place in the team. As regards Sanche, it seems everyone passes the ball to him as if he is the miracle man. It seems that the team thinks that passing the ball from one player to another produces good soccer, in many instances it shows how slow and lazy they are. The Everton match is an example

    5. You carelessly lose a game then it’s alright to drop points while the gap with top team widens . That’s not the way to win the League. Walcott was never in the game from start & it’s the Coach ‘s problem. He allowed team to play with 10 men. Our defense of set pieces left a lot to be desired. Pairing Koscelny with Gabriel brings vulnerabilities at the back . Everton were gifted easy headers to save an ungrateful Koeman .