[Fan View] It's time to say goodbye to Wenger


Guest Post by Gooner Shael

Arsenal finally secured a win in the Premier League against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday after two successive defeats, but it wasn’t a pleasant day for Arsene Wenger.

Some section of fans carried a banner thanking Wenger for the memories but suggested that it was time to say goodbye and although it wasn’t the right way to express your opinions, it summed up the frustration among the fans including me.

This is something, I personally never wanted to say but what can we fans do? Under Wenger this has been the worst patch ever and I never imagined this happening to us. Our quality has been going down since 2007 and we are loosing our key players regularly to our rival teams.

The French manager has been able to attract some big name players in the past season or so, but the number is much less when compared to the players we lost and if we continue to challenge only for the top four then we will risk loosing these players too.

Injuries have also played a part in this lean spell and although it’s not possible to keep a check on them but it’s hard to understand why we still have players like diaby on our payroll, who hardly plays a game. Wenger’s confidence in these players are stopping him from signing any replacements which is again hurting us.

The anger is obvious and its too late for the boss to defend himself and even if he signs some good players in the coming window, I don’t think it’s going to help. It seems the great one has lost his mojo and is struggling motivate  players in the squad .

I feel we need a complete overhaul and somebody who knows Arsenal better should take over. I still got  to say thank you to Wenger for his services, but I never thought of a day when the fans and myself would have to say good bye in this fashion.

Do you agree with Shael?

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