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Deal Agreed, Midfielder officially confirms he will join Arsenal very soon


The Gunners as everyone knows, have been very active in this transfer window as they have bought more players than they usually do.

What is encouraging is that the club has also focused on the future and have gone some way in securing that with the signing of some really talented youngsters.

Another one would soon be joining the ranks in the form of Romanian youngster Catalin Carjan who in a statement with a local paper Digi Sport, all but confirmed the move.

This will add to the already promising of list players that the Gunners have at the moment. While these players cannot be expected to make a contribution to the first team at the moment, they will surely get a chance in the future.

When Carjan was asked a question regarding a move to the Emirates, he said:

“It’s something else, it’s a big difference I cannot wait to go there to sign and it’s going to be much better. 

“I will sign when I’m 16, but I do not want to come in, they’ve been watching me for more matches and that was it, after that they sent me the tickets to go to them, they told me that I was a good player and that they wanted [me] to go to the big team in two years.”

This seems to suggest that he is on is way to the Emirates and if it is the case, that is very encouraging for the club. Also, his comments seem to suggest that the club has already made plans for him to be a part of the first team in the near future.

It is clear that the club and manager Unai Emery see the value of the youth teams and have made plans to use them. Arsenal have had a history of nurturing young talent so for Carjan, it promises to be an encouraging situation.

When see the quality of the players that are coming in, it appears that the Gunners are serious about planning for not only the present but the future as well.

Carjan will find himself at a club that knows how to develop young players so that they can reach their potential. We have seen countless examples of such cases. He is highly regarded in his home country so it would be nice if those performances are transferred to the Emirates as well.

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