Can Wenger prevail in the battle of ideologies?


The weekend is upon us and it’s time for the big game as Arsenal take on League leaders Chelsea on Sunday evening. It’s not only a battle between the top two sides in England, but it’s also a fight between two managers with different ideologies, so can Wenger finally get past his counter part on Sunday?

Arsene Wenger, the man who made the Gunners Invincible’s has been struggling for the past few years in terms of trophies at least that’s what the critics say, but if we see in detail he has never really struggled at Arsenal. The only thing the French manager ever wanted was to make his team play brilliant and eye catching football, that’s what he has done with Invincible’s and that’s what he is doing now.

Some of you might question that there are some teams who win trophies while playing good football and I am not denying that, but you got to agree to the fact that Wenger never really had the chance to keep his squad together for more than season or two, mainly owing to the finances of building a new stadium. However with that phase over, the French tactician is back to what he does best and is more or less close of making his best squad since he joined the North London club.

Mourinho, on the other hand has also been very successful but he depends on a brand of football which is quite opposite to that of Wenger. He can even frustrate some of his supporters but still pull off a win, a major example was the United game last week where Chelsea had less than 30 percent of possession.

Will Wenger do that to win a game? I don’t think so. Here is a quote from Wenger from the past, which is why he never does so.

“[If a fan] wakes up in the morning and thinks, ‘Oh! Today Arsenal play, I have a chance to have a great experience today,’ I’ve done my job. If we win the game – I’ve done a very good job. But at least I have to try to give people that level – that emotionally they will experience something beautiful.

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