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Can Arsenal beat Chelsea to the title if they win their remaining fixtures?


We are done with another game week in the Premier League and Chelsea are still maintaining a 7 point lead at the top with half a dozen games remaining in the season. So with the season almost nearing it’s end, the only question that still persists is whether the Gunners can still catch their North London rivals and if they can, what needs to be done?. Let’s have a look at all the permutations and combinations which ultimately lead to Arsenal winning the League.

Arsenal are currently seven points behind Chelsea, but have played one more game than their rivals. So, if we add up that game as a win to the Stamford Bridge club, then that will mean that we will be 10 points behind them with 6 games remaining.

Here are the remaining fixtures of both the teams.

Arsenal : Chelsea(h), Hull City(a), Swansea(h), United(a), Sunderland(h), West Brom(h)

Chelsea : United(h), Arsenal(a), Leicester City(a), Crystal Palace(h), Liverpool(h), West Brom(a), Sunderland(h)

So let’s first go through the Arsenal fixtures and the only games that are likely to bother us are the United and Chelsea games. Practically speaking we need to win both the games to stand a chance of winning the title, but the must win game is against Chelsea and even if we take a point against United that might just be enough if the Blues results do go in our favour.

Arsenal scenario’s

If we beat Chelsea and United, we can grab 18 points from the remaining games which will take our total to 84 points.

If we beat Chelsea and draw against United, we will have 16 points from the remaining games which will take our total to 82 points.

Coming to Chelsea, they have three big games against United, Liverpool and Arsenal. All these predictions are based on the fact that the Gunners will beat their London rivals, so let’s assume they will take 4 points(1 win, 1 draw) from the other 2 big games. They will have 4 more games remaining and although they might be get past Sunderland and West Brom, but Palace and Leicester City are likely to give Chelsea a run for their money. So let’s say they will take 8 points(2 wins, 2 draws) from these 4 games.

Chelsea Scenario’s

If they get 4 points against United and Liverpool and 8 from the other 4 games, it will take the total to 85 points

If they don’t win against United and Liverpool(2 points utmost) and 8 from the other 4 games, it will take the total to 83 points.

How can Arsenal win?

Win all the games(84 points) and hope that United and Liverpool will prevent the Blues from winning. If Arsenal, Liverpool and United can make Chelsea drop 7 points out of the 9(1 loss, 2 draws), it will be then up to the smaller clubs to may be pull off the remaining 4 points.

It’s still very hard for all the scenario’s to work in the Gunners favour, but it has been that kind of season for the Emirates club from struggling at the start of the season to flying this year, so winning the League will be the icing of the cake for them. If Arsenal can pull off this feat then it will be one of the greatest ever comebacks ever witnessed in the Premier League era.

Note it down guys 26th April will be the day the title will be decided when Arsenal will face Chelsea at the Emirates stadium and unless we win, it’s game over.

Can Arsenal beat Chelsea to the title?

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    1. Mathematically possible, but it’s very unlikely to win the title. I hope we win the games and secure the 2nd position.

    2. i sti dare to dream. go go Arsenal. lets win all the remaining games and hope Chelsea get stuck in the 2nd gear.


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