Arsene Wenger: Why Arsenal will do well in Europe

Arsene Believes the squad is more experienced . Do they have what it takes to compete in the champions League ?

Arsene Wenger


Arsene Wenger believes that his team are developing in terms of experience and, have a better chance of progressing to the latter stages  of the Champions League

In his Champions League pre match conference, Arsene Wenger expressed that his philosophy of playing younger squads  was a necessity at a time that the club had to be careful with their spending, given the that a lot of money went into building and financing the Emirates Stadium.


However, the squad now looks a lot stronger and a lot more ‘mature’ (as Wenger put it himself in a press conference), a squad with a good balance of age, experience and talent. The squad has players of different age groups,, and a good number of players in their late 20’s and early 30’s who  play regularly for their respective national teams.

In his pre-match conference for the mid week Champions’ League fixture against Paris Saint-Germain, Wenger said that it was hard to measure their strength at this moment.

He felt that the French giants  have lost a leader like  Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who carried and represented the ambitions of the club.

And with new manager Unai Emery at PSG , Arsene Wenger still believes PSG is a team finding their feet at this moment.

Here is a quote from his pre-match conference video on the clubs official website


“I think we have a better chance, yes,” he said.

“I was used to playing with my younger squads when you build a stadium because you don’t have the resources. Now I have a team with more experienced players.

“The squad is between 24 and 30, basically. That’s where you have a good combination of physical strength and experience.

Overall , Arsenal could be expected to play this game with some intensity and confidence. A key task for the Gunners would be to keep the versatile and effective orchestration conducted by midfield duo  Marco Veratti & Thiago Motta.

The fixture is undoubtedly going to be an exciting one, with two highly spirited  teams like Arsenal & PSG quite determined to pick up points in their opening Champion’s League game. On paper,Arsenal  looks like they have what it take to win this fixture .

Can Arsenal win this one against PSG?

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