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Arsene Wenger uses one last weapon to convince Jack Wilshere into signing new Arsenal deal

Jack Wilshere

When you’ve exhausted all the financial possibilities of contract negotiations, you have to use other means to entice one of the brightest prospects this Country had produced.

Jack Wilshere is not the finished article, having seen his career ravaged by a series of injuries which would keep most A&E nurses busy for months. He has so much untapped potential that it has been infuriating to see him sidelined for such a long time.

Apart from a knee niggle that prevented him from playing recently for England, the player has proved his fitness and ability to cope in the Premier League and the threat of losing another star asset appears to have triggered a change of heart in the Arsenal manager.

Told earlier in the season that he could leave, Wenger has used the last wild card at his disposal to tempt Wilshere to stay, the captaincy of his club. Just one move away from emotional blackmail, Wenger has used the one option at his disposal to force the player into signing an extension. If you think the term emotional blackmail is harsh, it really isn’t, it’s exactly what it is.

Wilshere has an affinity with the club that is almost unique in modern football. He has grown up at the club, is adored by the fans and if you asked him to bleed, the blood would be red and white. It is certainly a clever move because the financial package that we revealed here, depends on his ability to remain fit and on the number of appearances.

The main press were rather slower on the details but we revealed that the midfielder had declined the offer on those terms and that his future looked to be elsewhere. I have it on authority that this new twist may actually be something that the midfielder would seriously consider.

The captaincy of his club is something Wilshere has always wanted and he will follow in a long line of highly regarded names such as Tony Adams, Patrick Viera, Cesc Fabregas, Thierry Henry and Robin Van Persie. You can’t match that proposal financially and to a proud player like Wilshere, it will prove hard to decline, let alone leave.

Wenger is pushing the envelope and enjoying a speculative fishing trip with his latest comments that may still prevent the player heading elsewhere.

“He [Wilshere] was born here basically,” he told beIN Sports. “He has a long history with the club, strong link with the club.“

Wenger added:

“As well he is the kind of leader for his attitude and for his tactical knowledge on the pitch. Apart from his technical top qualities he has personality and is in the right place on the pitch, and now with the maturity to organise around him.”

It’s yet to work its way into official negotiations but it’s clear that Wenger is heading in that direction with his comments. It may be a last resort tactic but it’s one that may well end up with a signature on paper.

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