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Zipping up his coat: Arsene Wenger finally talks about his struggles with Arsenal zipper


It has been some time since the Gunners have had a new manager. But for many, not having Arsene Wenger at the helm does feel a little weird given how long he was with the club.

During his time, he led the club to a level of success not felt by any other Arsenal manager but there were some failures along the way as well.

One of the more funny incidents that happened during his reign was the trouble he always seemed to have with the zipper of his jacket. Now, the man himself has cleared the air on this as he spoke about it on an interview with beIN Sports.

During the interview, presenter Richard Keys asked him a question that many wanted the answer to and this is what Wenger had to say:

“They are too long and sometimes the zip didn’t work. I struggled a lot with that. But, in the end, because people were showing it and I was conscious that I was under scrutiny when doing it!”

He even went to add on how he had overcome the difficulties of the zipper as he said:

“In fact, I improved on that.”

Here is the video:

This just goes to show the funnier side that Wenger has and it was one that was seen quite often in his interactions with the media.

The former Arsenal boss has been rumored to be in line for a return to management but so far, the man himself has refused to confirm anything.

But knowing the kind of passion that he has for the game, it will not be a surprise if he comes back into the management fold sooner rather than later.

He is sure to have the backing of the Arsenal fans wherever he does go next as he still remains a beloved figure for a majority of the fans. Many of the top clubs would love to have someone like Wenger who knows a lot about the game and, his experience will be a boost for them.

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