Arsene Wenger blocks Higuain swap deal after media leak

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called off the possible transfer of Napoli’s Gonzalo Higuain after the details of proposed transfer was leaked to the press, according to the quotes in the Metro.

Gonzalo Higuain

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has called off the possible transfer of Napoli’s Gonzalo Higuain after the details of proposed transfer was leaked  to the press, according to the quotes in the Metro.

Several reports over the past few weeks have focused on Arsenal’s interest in the Argentine international, and the report from Italian news outlet Calciomercato earlier this week has it that the Gunners were ready to table a bid worth £42.6m plus their star striker Olivier Giroud in  exchange for Gonzalo Higuain.

Italian Journalist Emanuele Giulianelli – who usually works for Gazatta dello Sport – claimed that a deal was about to be finalized after the Gunners agreed  personal term with the 28-year-old ace, after offering him a deal worth £7.6m-per-season for five years.

Another journalist from Italy, Raffaele Auriemma, spoke to Olivier Giroud’s agent Michael Manuello who confirmed that the 29-year-old ace would be prepared to join the Serie A giants if the Gunners push a head for a deal, Metro reported.

Further discussions  with the Napoli chiefs were about to take place later this week but it seems now that this will no longer take place ever as Wenger put a plug on deal after the details of the proposed transfer got dispensed to the press – apparently by the Serie A giant’s marketing advisors.

 ‘Wenger has blocked everything, Arsenal were upset by the leak and amazed that after a few hours everything was out in the open, so have taken a step back.

‘Even [Napoli chairman Aurelio] De Laurentiis seems bitter, even angry, not because he wanted to sell Higuain, but because he feels betrayed by his market consultant, who blabbed about several different rumors.’

No one knows how genuine this report is, and  I was not amazed on hearing that  the French manager has retreated from the story after it got leaked in the media.

Everyone knows Wenger likes to keep ongoing transfers discussions confidential, so the leak must have caused a lot of trouble for the club and everyone.

It is although, very rare that a transfer is completed without it being leaked in the press. The Xhaka deal leaked out some weeks before it was officially announced.

It is possible that the involvement of Olivier Giroud in a potential swap is genuine. One speculation is that Wenger may have backtracked after learning that Giroud has been informed of this possibility; something that could have either upset the Frenchman, or stimulated him a great deal. Either way, from what I can make of him, Giroud is level headed and in all certainty would have taken this the right way.

There is no doubt that a  striker like Higuain can help Arsenal challenge for the title. His pace, clever movement, brilliant technique and better-quality finishing are qualities Arsenal desperately need.

In recent years, Higuain has been one of the best strikers in Europe after providing 36 goals in 35 games last season. It is exciting to imagine what he will do at the Emirates when he has the likes of Ozil and Sanchez supporting him.

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    1. Wenger should know that time is running out, and this is the time for him to buy at least striker.please just buy a striker and let Giroud also stay.please, if you really want to win the premier league again, then buy Gonzalo.