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Arsenal’s month in review: No point November


Arsenal’s November form is like a palindrome, reads failure from both ends. It has been the story we’ve always known, the direction seems to be the same, and just that the stars differ. No lessons learnt, no changes made; being underprepared seems to be our theme for years together.

Belief is one thing that a manager has to have on his players but Arsene goes a step ahead and overdrives on it. That’s usually the case in love, when you have been blindsided and can’t do much about it. Sunday’s match told us one thing, Wenger won’t change. He’ll continue to believe in his methods, the squad’s depth and the play.

Ramsey on the wings has been a great revelation, but getting him on for 60 minutes, and resting an already play-time hit player in Campbell was a debatable decision, considering that he was just about turning his fortunes at Arsenal.

Moving Flamini along with Cazorla makes it a cramped pathway for Santi, which is why Coquelin got the nod before Flamini all through last season and till now. I’ve nothing against Flamini, the man plays his heart out, but is a culprit for letting short for his defenders. He tries to maraud often, which lets santi take a back step, which honestly is what we definitely do not want to see. Santiago Cazorla is poetry in motion, and when you’ve a billionaire MF next to him, you definitely don’t want money to spoil art.

What made me really worried about Arsenal was Olivier Giroud’s involvement in the final third. He was so bad it made me think if we were better off with Chamakh. Giroud is known for his link up play, for holding the ball down well at tough instances, but he lacked the charm. I’ve been dissing one of the most consistent Forwards in the league, but let’s give credit where it is due. Norwich’s both center backs, read the game very well, except for that one instance when Sanchez proved his class.

Every player on the pitch looked jaded. They’re in need of fresh blood, a leader, a strong think tank who can brainstorm things right. If my calculations are right, Arsenal have 6 injuries and 2 points from this month. I wish the numbers were reversed, but let’s face it, We are the Arsenal.

I’d like to re-iterate on what I’ve always been cribbing about since day 1 of this season. Why have we invested so much in players like Arteta, Rosicky, and Flamini when we could have saved on their wages for a better replacement who will serve the purpose of being a DM/CM and compete for positions, making it a healthy competition for all the players? Why is it that we have so many qualms about our training techniques, that every second “expert

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