Arsenal vs Bayern Munich: Can the Gunners get back on track?


One team. two tournament. two different scenarios. Arsenal are two points off the top in the Premier league and are lying at rock bottom in their Champions League group. For every Manchester united performance there is a Olympiakos disaster. So what can we expect from the game against Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich have formidable team and have become better with every season in terms of their squad and the options Guardiola has is a frightening one. Right from the man between the sticks to the one leading the line, its absolutely astonishing. So Arsenal have to be on their toes throughout the 90 mins to tackle the threat of Douglas Costa, Thiago Alcantara, Thomas Muller, Lewandoski and I haven’t even mentioned Arturo Vidal, Robben, Ribery yet.

Wenger should hand the gloves back to Petr Cech to match Bayern’s attac. With no disrespect to Ospina, he isn’t at Cech’s level. Both teams prefer to play high up the pitch which forces the defense to maintain a high line and both the teams also like to have chunk of the possession.

So its about which team does what when they have no possession. The Gunners need to put in the kind of performance which they had showcased against Man Utd a fortnight ago.

The previous years saw Arsenal giving Bayern a run for their money. This time the North London club should make sure they take their chances which come their way and not repeating their earlier mistakes of conceding soft goals will be key to their chances in beating Bayern. They need to take at least 3 points from their two legs against Bayern to have any chance of qualifying from this group which itself is an uphill task but not something which can be ruled out.

A win can really boost the morale of the team and give them that extra belief . This team is destined for greatness but that can only be achieved by performing consistently against the best teams at the big stage.

This is a do or die game where Champions League title contenders will take on a Champions League title “pretenders

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