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Arsenal transfer budget for this summer revealed as Unai Emery targets three signings


It has not been long since the end of the January transfer window and we are already talking about what could be done in the summer.

As per reports in Sportsmail(via Daily Mail), the Gunners will be given a budget of around £45 million to sign players. It further states that manager Unai Emery is keen on getting in as many as three players.

While this amount may seem like it is too little for many, it does not take into consideration some of the external factors relating to the budget.

There are definitely going to be some players leaving and this will have a significant impact on the wage bill that Arsenal have at the moment.

The Daily Mail has also claimed that some players such as Petr Cech, Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck are expected to leave the club in the summer which is expected to free up around £300,000-a-week off the weekly wage bill.

Apart from that Adidas is set to come on board as the sponsors and as per Telegraph, that deal is worth around £50 million each season. That will also be a major boost for the club in terms of sponsorship.

No matter what happens, it promises to be an interesting period in the summer and for all we know, there could be a lot of change in terms of personnel.

When a manager is replaced after more than two decades at a club, it is going to take a lot of time for the club to get back on the front foot. Fans need to be patient and give the people in charge some time before they start criticizing them.

This transfer window gives the Gunners and Emery the chance to do something about this. So, it is best to be hopeful at this point.


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