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Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang drops hint that he’s unhappy with Unai Emery


When a team is on a winning streak, everything seems to be going well and there is not too much criticism that is faced by the club and the players.

But, when that streak stops, there is a lot that comes to the surface. One such incident happened in the aftermath of the match against Crystal Palace.

When the social media activity of striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang hinted at him being unhappy with the decisions of manager Unai Emery.

When the official website of Arsenal put out a tweet about the striker, a fan responded by saying:

“then why are you replacing him? Why not let him score again? YaGunnersYa”

Aubameyang then Retweeted this and made his dissatisfaction clear to be seen. The striker has become the leading scorer in the Premier League this season as he has been able to score on a consistent basis.

But, when he was substituted in the match against Palace, it seemed clear that he was far from happy with the decision made by Unai Emery.

Here is the fan’s tweet:

Which Aubameyang retweeted:

Although in all likelihood, there is not too much that can be read into this but perhaps it would have been better for the team if Aubameyang had been left on the pitch.

When Mesut Ozil was taken off, his reaction too suggested that there was an element of frustration at what Emery had done. This is bound to happen when players feel that they did not deserve to be taken off.

But, a large part of being a manager is the ability to make decisions that would be considered as hard and brave. This just goes to show the mettle and also the bravery that Unai Emery has.

Now, whatever feelings players such as Aubameyang have, that must be put on the back burner for the time being. The focus has to be on the match that is up next and try and help the team to get back to winning ways. Perhaps this decision by the manager will spur him to reach greater goal scoring heights.

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