Arsenal forced to sell Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil this January


Arsenal’s attempts to play hardball with Ozil and Sanchez in terms of contract extensions will be seen as a bad game of poker, played by an extremely bad player.

For all the huffing and puffing, delays, negotiations, and assurances of commitment, both Ozil and Sanchez are highly likely to leave come January.

Fans wait patiently but the truth is that Arsenal are not about to let a 100 Million worth of talent walk through the door when their contracts expire. Wenger has put on a brave face and appeared determined but it will not be his decision to make, come the start of the transfer window.

Neither player has expressed a desire to stay publicly and both seem determined to move on despite the optimistic noises continuously coming from the Manager.

If a deal was to be done, it would have been concluded months ago so it’s unlikely to be done this late in the day and with the teams current league position. Sanchez has been long associated with Manchester City, whilst Ozil has attracted a host of clubs recently including Barcelona.

This whole situation shows how inept the club have been in securing deals and is a reality check in terms of their competitive status on the domestic and European stages. Both players form has dipped alarmingly as the situation has been allowed to go on and the team has suffered in the process.

On a lighter note and assuming there is a plan B, Arsenal may be better off without them both if they can attract talent of the same calibre as Kolasinac, who surely is Wenger’s best purchase in years.

Sanchez has been a distraction for some time and Ozil has provided only glimpses of the talent and capabilities he has at his disposal. As the rebuilding of the North London club continues, they now have the unenviable task of trying to find not one but two superstars to entertain the fans but whatever they get for the pair may not be enough to replace them.

Not known for splashing out heavily apart from Lacazette, the board may have to dig deep into the mythical war chest to come up with the goods. Names of replacements will no doubt be coming thick and fast in the coming weeks but the faithful know not to give the headlines to much credence.

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