Arsenal fans respond to Mourinho on twitter after the ‘sacked one’ takes a dig at Wenger

Manchester United new manager Jose Mourinho in a press statement talked about his plans for the future and as usual took a dig at Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger


As always Manchester United new manager Jose Mourinho appeared to criticise Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger  in his first news conference since his appointment at Old Trafford.

The 53-year-old Portuguese was quick to insist he is far from damaged goods, having lifted the Premier League trophy in May 2015 before his Chelsea reign imploded amid in-fighting at Stamford Bridge. In his first news conference for United, he said,

Some managers – the last time they won a title was 10 years ago. Some of them – never. The last time I won a title was a year ago. So if I have a lot to prove, imagine the others.

This was not taken lightly by some of the Arsenal supporters who were quick to suggest about Mourinho’s obsession with his counterpart Arsene Wenger.

Here are some of the best twitter reactions from people around the world

The Portuguese has been known to be throwing jibes at the French man having previously called him “specialist in failure”.

Jose Mourinho also dismissed criticism on his record of promoting youth players as

one lie repeated many times

Of the 49 players cited at Benfica, Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, almost half of them – 23 – made just one appearance under Mourinho with another 10 playing only two games for the Portuguese. Most were packed off on loan or sold no sooner had they being handed their debuts. Just 14 of the players listed made more than five appearances under Mourinho, who bristled at suggestions he does not give enough opportunity to youngsters.

There are people in this world quite capable of picking a fight in an empty room. But that’s not the whole story. Many times he has lost the dressing room because his arrogance knows no bounds. If successful he says its down to him but failure he says is down to the players.

This isn’t the whole story either. He brought trophies to every club he went but Arsene Wenger built a legacy and made a huge contribution to the world of football which is something beyond the reach for Mourinho.

He cannot manage 1 club for at least 5 years, he does not have long term plans, he can’t really build his own team which is why he goes to clubs with nearly unlimited funds. He could also be jealous just because he will never achieve what Wenger has achieved in his life.

What amuses me though is his clear inferiority complex. The only way that poor excuse of a man can feel safe and strong is by attacking other people’s legacy. Of course he has to laugh off Chelsea sacking. He would never admit that he couldn’t control the players and entire team turned against him. It’s not like Eva Carneiro incident was but a paradox, oh wait.

I feel a bit sorry for Manchester United as I can assure Mourinho will do all that’s in his power to ruin the image of this great  club.



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    1. Jose mourinho is suffering frm the Chelsea sack,he can’t build a legacy of his own,he jealous of Wenger legacy in arsenal.I just pity United fans base in the world.Jose mourinho can not work with limited fund in a club,he can’t achieve under small budget,to me Jose is a colossal failure in his career.he can’t achieve what you don’t possess as a man.we arsenal are in totally support of Wenger legacy at arsenal.Wenger is the icons of arsenal

    2. Mouriniho! Arsene Wenger is by far better than you. You have to accept this. In any aspects, you are junior to him.

    3. Jose Mourinho is sick in mind, if he want to be like Arsene Wenger, then he has to go back to school and obtain the degrees that Wenger has. Wenger is a scintist by proffesion, he spend most of the years working in the laboritorises, whereby with Mourinho when it comes to the level of understanding, you cannot compare him with Arsene Wenger. I am not sure what is his problem? Whenever he is interviwed, he always talk of Wenger. That is the reason why people are saying he is not normal in mind.

    4. Mourinho only go to big clubs where he can buy the league. He Wil never go to a small club and build a team. But buying players don’t always buy success. He might be fired again in a year’s time.

    5. Mou.Is Sick In Mind,because Himself Can’t Match Wenger Any Way.He Should Leave Wenger Alone Because What Wenger Achieved Is Amazing Compared To Jose.Mou.Concentrate On Man-united Else,you Will Be Sacked In Four Month In The Campagne

    6. Jose always calls himself -the special one. I don’t understand how a special person can be sacked. He has only stayed in Manchester United for two weeks but has spent a lot of money and still preparing to spend big money on ready made players. If he is the best manager as he claims, then let him go to a small club for instance Sunderland fc and take cup with them.
      I am very sure that the current young players from Man U will be sent away by Mourinho. He can not build them to be better players.

    7. The current Leicester city manager is far much better than Mourinho. He didn’t buy very expensive players but he won the trophy. Mourinho cannot achieve that without buying ready made and very expensive players. Shame on him!!!