Arsenal defender Koscielny reacts as France start with a win

Laurent Koscielny

There were 66 million people waiting for France to start their tournament with a win, but none could have expected the first game of Euro to go quite like this.

France started their match against Romania trying to overcome the emotion that they completely failed to switch on. But all the emotion that was invested into this match, all the expectation for something spectacular, was repaid in multiples by Dimitri Payet.

A great game. Nice start for the hosts to build on, even if plenty of improvement will be needed for them to win here on July 10. Now onto the Arsenal Boys.

Laurent Koscielny looked nervous at the start of the game, didn’t really put a foot wrong, was pretty solid in the back throughout the game. Kos was speaking to the L’equipe about the game, he said:

The first match of the competition, more so when it is the opening game is always complicated. Tonight (Friday), there was a lot of battles, 

Romania has closed the space but I prefer to remember the victory. [It] is the most important for a good start to a competition. 

I do not think we sin physically. It is more in the heads. Now it is the past and we have to concentrate on the next game. Anyway, we knew it would not be easy. said [via Google translate].

But the man tonight who showed up was Olivier Giroud. Came up with a massive goal for France in a really tight game. Romania had a big chance at the start of the game but Giroud came up with the first goal of the tournament.

Even though Evra gave away the penalty afterwards and then Payet came in at the end with that fantastic goal but Giroud tonight really answered his critics.

He’s had a lot of critics over the year at France and lot of fans in France have been unhappy because they felt that Benzema should’ve been the guy starting for France. Benzema was left out of the squad because of his whole blackmail thing with him and Valbuena. The fans were taking their anger out on Giroud and will probably be happy now.

Let’s hope that the form continues and he keeps scoring in the tournament and come back to Arsenal with a lot of confidence and if that does happen we all know what the old manager is like! Hope he signs a striker before Giroud gets the golden boot. Good start to the tournament for the Arsenal boys. Big win for France. Well done to Olivier Giroud and let’s hope Arsenal boys continue on. Here’s to wishful thinking. Have a great weekend.

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