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Arsenal boss Unai Emery talks Aaron Ramsey after midfielder’s wondergoal against Fulham

Aaron Ramsey

If you have a look at the Gunners right now, it appears that everything is going smoothly as the team is playing well and winning matches to boot.

There is not too much wrong with the club at the moment but there is one issue that will cause some concern. That would have to be the contract situation of midfielder Aaron Ramsey who scored a goal of the season contender over the weekend.

Manager Unai Emery who spoke to the BBC after the match, had this to say about Ramsey:

“For me it was very important for him to take confidence and take that first goal,”

“He did not start in the first 11 today but when he was on he scored within a minute and that gives confidence for both him and us.”

This is an indication that despite the situation behind the scenes, Ramsey and the club are committed to each other on the pitch. At this moment, what is happening during a match is all that matters and the fact is that Ramsey has been proving how important a player he is.

The importance of Ramsey could be felt during the weekend when he came on to the pitch and helped the Gunners secure a win against Fulham. He scored a goal and and provided an assist as well.

Talking about the goal, it was without a doubt one of the contenders for goal of the season. Everything about it was perfect right from start to finish.

The fact that Ramsey started the move and finished it off in such spectacular fashion made it all the more memorable for the Welshman.

For the Gunners to have stability, it is necessary for all the contract problems to be sorted out as soon as possible. It would be a big blow to lose a player like Ramsey and the sooner the club realizes this, the better.

We still have some time to go before the transfer window opens so, things might still change.

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